博主逛新疆喀什农村,惊讶于男女平等,比南亚更富裕 | 印度博主游览厦门,惊讶于中国的城市为什么这么干净?

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博主逛新疆喀什农村,惊讶于男女平等,比南亚更富裕 印度博主游览厦门,惊讶于中国的城市为什么这么干净?


本文译自Youtube,原标题:MUSLIM street food market in rural Kashgar, Xinjiang - deep tour in Islamic China | S2, EP41

Thank you Yan, for this fascinating insight into rural China. It was very interesting to see how people live in this relatively poor region. Your Vlogs are awesome, very personal and you are presenting the informations in a very sympathetic way!������


I love the people you meet on your travels. I swear I can feel the atmosphere of this market, even smell the aromas. I have a new appreciation of these relatively unknown (to us westerners) regions of China that you visit.


I like how lively the atmosphere was there, people seem to be passionate about what they are doing and even in a bazar things seems to be well put together and organized


Amazing atmosphere, great yo see the people preparing and eating all in one place. Friendly people to let you film.
If this was the west, there will be too many complaining, rules and regulations that all the culture will be shut down.



I love your videos.
I didnt know that there were natives people in china having middle eastern features and its so cool to see them speak Chinese. ���



Xinjiang is a secular and open place where men and women are equal. Women don't wear headscarves. You can still see many Uighur women driving taxis in Xinjiang.


I'd love to try this super fresh foods ������
if you go to a restaurant here in western euope, it will never be so fresh, for different reasons: maximizing profit so it's often pre-cooked and just warmed up quickly , than the vegetables are bought from another country or region , it's very difficult to find local products (and if so- they'll be twice as expensive) , also restaurants here are restricted with hygiene standards, they're never cooked outside, but inside a building.
I wish we also had this streetfood here, and fresher vegetables ���




My wife and me enjoy going to bazaars, for marketing in the early mornings. The bazaars in Malaysia are bigger than those in Singapore, and I could hardly recall whether we have one in Hong Kong, as space is a headache in cities. Here on the video, a very spacious one indeed. I love watching the people more, in fact bargaining is a great feature which is not seen in any supermarket.


repeatedly shaking hands & repeatedly hitting others hand is a common behavior when bargaining price in Xinjiang bazaar. Not because of theyre familiar with each other, just bargains���especially in North Xinjiang, where used to be Jungar Mongolian. the major ethnicities are Mongolian, Uyghur, Han. And many other minor ethnicities. They speak their mother tongue and different accent mandarins. Language barriers may exist. Shaking hands frequently may be a way to show friendliness. And prevent misunderstandings leading to some bad situations.


This region located in the western part of China and the majority of the local people are Muslim. From this video clip, we can see the Muslim community they have much higher standard of living, happier life, safer and wealthier than those in South Asia countries. The environment and street look cleaner too.



本文译自Youtube,原标题:real china, Cities of China, roads of china, urban management china, China चीन ।। Niranjan China

India is a country worthy of respect. Although many people see China as an enemy, they are still willing to show China as it is. Unlike western media which are both arrogant and jealous, unwilling to face reality. This is why Asia is rising and the West is declining.


Nice to see your perspective of Real China.I feel very free in China. Apart from the cultural shock of living in China, I feel that the price of goods is very low and travel is very convenient. The people are also very friendly.I am so impressed by this. Thanks for sharing information about what is really happening in China without distortion and manipulation like most mainstream media from the US. This is the stuff the mainstream media from the US don't want people to know about.Whether you call China a communist or socialist state it is undeniably a country putting the common good of a community first.oh....God Bless you.I will keep my fingers crossed for you!���������


From, Ahmedabad Gujarat, India.
China is far ahead from India...in the terms of modern infrastructure, technology, manufacturing, human brain power and about scientific innovation/research
Yes, entire global media are not showing real facts, growth/development and actual capabilities of China.




Chaina is a developed country and our country is still developing but sadly our multiple parties are destroying our country, corrupt political leaders,our bad habit of gutkha and unhygienic behavior, no laws against cleanliness, there is no police of animals as a result everywhere cows are roaming on road and create jam on road.We need 50 years to catch Chaina.


China has been very clean since ancient times, which has a lot to do with their self-discipline. Even in the poorest times, they will keep the environment and sanitation clean, which is far from being achieved by India and most countries.


China's rapid development is inseparable from the autocratic system. During the development process, the government often needs to force people to do things they don't like. For example, forcibly expropriating land, forcing people to engage in certain occupations, forcing people to receive education, and so on.
For example, to build a 1,000-kilometer high-speed railway, China can complete all land expropriation in half a year, which is difficult for other democratic countries.



It is true that there are advantages in the system, but it is not completely coercive. In this way, there will be turmoil in China. After all, it is impossible for 1.4 billion people to develop by coercion, and it will be over sooner or later. The government will first publicize that if you want to get rich, build roads first, and that obstructing road construction will destroy everyone's common prosperity, and finally offer enough money that the common people cannot refuse. The government does not modify the design or bypass it. None of these people did not regret it in the end. You can search for nail households in China. These are people who do not relocate. Although there are not many such people, but China is huge, and one in a hundred thousand is tens of thousands .




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