杭州西站:中国最科幻的火车站,即使以无人机这么疯狂的速度,它也似乎显得无穷无尽 | 《封神》1-来自中国的神话,希望能在海外上映

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杭州西站:中国最科幻的火车站,即使以无人机这么疯狂速度,它似乎显得无穷无尽 | 《封神》1-来自中国的神话,希望能在海外上映


本文译自Youtube,原标题:Visit Hangzhou West High-speed Railway Station with FPV

That was ENORMOUS, the architecture is insane for the few columns to be able to hold up such a gigantic roof and ceiling. Even with the crazy speed of the drone, it still seems endless


Amazing!! It makes a lot of western international airports look decidedly shabby!!


It is so good that it actually looks like a concept rather than real life


China from engineers to China architectures  built of everything is so eye's-catching and amazing.


So big that we could think this station is in a backroom dimension. x)


I am amazed that you are able to appreciate China architecture like in science fiction movie , depicting human being living in space and in the future. Such architecture is not seen in the US or europe. You seem to enjoy seeing the rapid progress of China for its people despite all kinds of anti China threat from the US. The US concentrates on making wars around the world to sell weapons, whilst China concentrates on developing economy and multipolar trade with other countries. The US secretary of state travels around the world with the secretary of defence in tow,  whilst the Chinese foreign minister travel round the world with Commerce Minister in tow. The WW3 will happen again in Europe with proxy wars initiated  by the US . World War will not happen in Asia because China is not interested in fighting a war even though the US encourages Japan to start a proxy war with China.


That's great to hear! It's impressive how China's architecture can evoke the futuristic feel of a science fiction movie. It's refreshing to see the country's rapid progress and focus on the economy and trade. Let's hope for a peaceful world where conflicts can be resolved through diplomacy.


Yet another masterpiece of Chinese architecture and engineering. China is simply progressing at an astounding pace.


This is fantastic, if you asked 8 year old me to paint the future I would have done a railway station like this! It's fantastic


My hometown, my motherland ❤ proud Hangzhounese ❤ thanks for the video. Our city and our country are wonderful. Visit instead of believing the lies about us. There’s a reason why they are trying to make it seem as though we are weak, impoverished and underdeveloped, a dictatorship where people suffer. Yeah right… it’s more like the pot calling the kettle black


I used to live in China and travelled to Hangzhou in 2017. I was astounded by the new projects back then.  Now there are over 40,000 kilometers of track and something like 4,153 “Fuxing Hao” high-speed trainsets (standard high-speed electric multiple units) in 2021.   As a Data Analyst I have been looking at various data on China's High-speed Railway.  I have noticed that the new Xinjiang line that has a cost estimate of $22B USD and is currently operating at about 6 percent of capacity. The debt for China's State Railway is somewhere around $2T USD.


U have to mention the line to Xinjiang is very long (Beijing to wulumuqi total about 3000km). Also total debt is around 6T rmb (less than 1 T usd) as of September 2022. The average construction cost is much cheaper than rest of world but the ticket price is even cheaper roughly 1/4 of Europe. If railway companies wanna make money, they can raise the price of ticket. But the government sees the economic benefit of entire society not on railway companies itself. It is good place to spend this money rather than giving money to military complex as US does. What American tax payer gets after those military industries got another huge bonus?


If U.S nationalists and U.S commercial nationalists see this super eye's-catching of high speed railroads station built-in China is so jealous of China today so high technology of China in the whole world now.



本文译自Youtube,原标题:Now That's A Proper Mythology/Epic Film From China~ Feng Shen 1 Review [CC]
I do hope that this film comes to international cinemas, because this film sounds so interesting and fascinating. If it does come to Finland, I most definitely will go and watch it, no matter what.


the best part of the movie for me was how real it looks. they filmed at real locations, built up real places, used real horses. sure, there are some blue/green screen scenes and CGI stuff, but the core is the real stuff. the actors do the horse riding, the fighting themselves. most of the young guys even grew their hair long, so they dont have to wear the fake-looking wigs.
there is this green baby demon. they specially made a robot-doll that can move legs, arms, eyes, make face. really cool.
thats why i wish this movie and the rest of trilogy to be succesfull. and i do hope it will get international release.




Finally a good movie, I grew up with Investiture of Gods so this was great for me. I’ve recently watched 新神榜 on youtube (an animation movie with the main character as Yang Jian), and really enjoyed that too.
I also want to mention, finally handsome guys and not sick frail feminine boys. There was a massive surplus of stick thin pale men, and I appreciate the different aesthetic this time. Fantastic step forward! I do feel like the involvement of the western/American movie production was rather noticeable in the type of shots/sets given. I personally would have preferred a more classical Chinese set, but it was a fairly minor point.



I never heard of this movie before, thank you for your recommendation. As I am a huge fan of LORT and mythology in general, I hope we get to see this movie in the international market someday.
I am glad to hear that for this movie they picked up new faces and trained them specifically for their roles. If they would he chose an x or y top popular actor & actress in China right now, people would have said the movie is popular because of their traffic. The director was really smart here.
And since everyone was trained to do so many things, we have the certainty that actors actually do their own schemes and have no doubles doing certain scenes for them.
And I have to say, everyone is so good looking. I mean those actors have definitely been chosen to have some of the best natural looking faces for this movie.





thank you for the review, I really liked the movie (went in for the hot men, stayed for the story) and it was great to learn more about the movie and the story behind it!
When I watched this movie, it did not have English subtitles, which I took as a sign that it was not designed for international audience. the epic scenes were great, the story in the real world even with the fox spirit was amazing, but for the heavens realm - it is hardly understandable without Chinese cultural background…





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