[阳离子] 这座城市1/3的人口移民海外了!留下来的人的生活到底怎么样?| 骑行浙江-原来中国的有机农业这么好玩

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本文译自Youtube,原标题:I am obsessed with this ancient Chinese farming method ��� 原来中国的有机农业这么好玩 ���

i just watched one of the nanjing japanese director hezhimeng's video last night. he revisited a place that he went 10 years ago and he remarked that the river was so much cleaner than 10 years ago and he wasn't even doing an environmental video.  so i guess this environmental clean-up is happening throughout china. i have to give china a thumb's up������. love from canada.

I love seeing all the elderlies in these small countryside walking or hanging out together, n love their friendliness n humility n love their smiling faces.
Love your videos Katherine n the calm n steady hands of your videos capturing the sceneries. Did not get headaches watching n thank you again for the history of those places you biked around.���❤

This i epic! Thanks, Katherine, for showing us so much of beautiful rural China.! Frankly, better than National Geographic documentaries! Am glad how they have tackled river pollution over the years.

Brilliant Katherine.your showing us all a part of China we dont see on main stream.we only get negative news about China here.keep up the good cycle!

As impressive and interesting as ever, you never fail your fans by your navigating skills, in a foreign land! And you make everything seem so easy and effortless. Everyone is blown away by your flawless Mandarin.��� Always like water bamboovery tasty.

Katherine, I am glad to see there are more and more ordinary people to talk about ecosystem which is about good cycle , bad cycle and co-exist. This is a very good sign for China. I first time heard this terminology was in 2015 in the Catholic University of America, now in rural area of China people can talk about this concepts its really amazing! I also want to thanks the GREEN ZHEJIANG volunteer organization through you, let them know there are people globally watch them, support them.

can go anywhere without afraid of being rob, yelling, loud music, dancing, scootering in the crowd, without someone judging you, looks very relaxing atmosphere, thats the freedom we really need

Thank you very much for this nice video. Your 2000 km solo bike tour is really amazing. It allows us to know so many places. Indeed it is also very informative and the Chinese countryside is so charming and people seem to be very attentive to the environment.

I try to watch as many of your shows as time permits - thank you for your dedication, time & commitment in putting these together. I truly love the way you relate to the locals & your lightness in touch in your conversations & expressions which more often than not make me smile.
I wasn't aware that you had a job with an environmental organisation until now [I'd often wondered how you get by living in China after your spell at university]. Wishing you the best for your future.


本文译自Youtube,原标题:1/3 of this city moved to Europe ��� What's life actually like here? 这座城市1/3的人口移民海外了!留下来的人的生活到底怎么样?

What an interesting place! Your videos have inspired me to explore more of rural China and I am falling in love with it more and more while I visit family here. And you never fail to capture underrated humor everywhere :)

I'm a wenzhounese who was born and raised in Italy, and here literally 95%~of the people come from places such as Qingtian or neighboring counties or cities. Like Chinese people here often speak with each other in wenzhounese without asking from which part are they from because it's almost always wenzhou.
Also I want to thank you for your wenzhou videos since I haven't been able to come back to visit wenzhou since I was like 5 so it's great seeing high quality videos showing my ancestral home since there are barely any on YouTube, thank you!

Katherine is doing more for US-China relations than the useless US diplomatic corp.
Showing the great side of America to China as an unofficial and frankly the best ambassador.
At the same time making great content to show the rest of the English world Chinese people are living normal fulfilling lives and a rare free peek into the rural unfiltered back roads in rural China.
Kudos! Keep on keeping on girl!

Love your presentations. I love the sights, sounds, and smells of the Chinese countryside. I wonder though, why you like it. Most westerners would favor Japanese countryside more because theyre neat, clean, manicured. The chinese countryside is not like that. Im just wondering why your perceptions are so differentt from most western travellers.

My mother once said that the southeastern area of China has a lot of people moving out of China and into Europe or America or some rich place.
Hopefully, with the rise of China, those people's descendants would move back to China. Or not.
I can definitely see more Africans and other Asians moving into China than Europeans or people of Chinese ancestry, as people generally want to move to richer countries and earn money and settle down.

I find it really sad that so many historic streets and neighborhoods in Chinas larger cities are being demolished in the name of modernization. The dense and narrow streets are the foundation of complex social networks that ensure people check in on each other, are aware of how people are doing, and can get help if they need it. When you change the built environment so drastically like that youre destroying those social networks too. Tokyo is a great example of a modern city with modern infrastructure and buildings laid on their historic street network. I hope historic preservation can take off in China before all these places are gone ���



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