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本文译自Youtube,原标题:Creative fathers home-made toys continue to amaze in China



Those toys ain't just for kids. I think a lot of us adults would be interested.



Jonathan Castle
You know your father loves you when he goes out of his way to make something even money cannot buy..


4ever true
So when is the father taking his toy business public by going through the stock market.


jivvy jack
This kid is getting a real education in physics and maths and developing hand-eye development, fine motor skills, reasoning and analytical skills, patience, cause & effect before she even gets to kindergarten.


Monsieur Esh
She's very lucky to have such a great father.


misty cloud
China needs to develop its education and fine pick genius from every corner of china whether it be from rural areas or urban areas, rich families, or poor families.


Asher Albert
He should get the award of coolest and creative dad of the year in the whole world! ��������


It's just not a toys it's a love & concern in this hightech world for a daughter from a dad �


Nirvan Vlogs
He’s a kind father with a big heart️ every child deserves to have a father like that.❤�‍�‍�‍��

他是个心地善良的父亲❤️ 每个孩子都应该有这样的父亲。❤�‍�‍�‍��

Mango Banana
Kids can become super intelligent if they get  the brain developed and taught how to think from a young age instead of not training the brain and only sit in front of tv and phone


Vinayak K
"your dad's a hero"
"How dare you call him just a hero, he's a SUPERHERO"





misty cloud
Imagine the Chinese engineers developing bullet train and quantum computers were brought up when China was poor, today these nourished kids who hopefully get a sophisticated education in china today. China's future is bright.




Erebus Anima
Imagine this kid sitting in the airplane next to a kid who has only watched TV and played on the tablet for the first 5 years of their lives. I would really like to observe that.


Francelee Paris
The Chinese/orientals are the smartest people on earth... humans may have originated in Central Asia and not Africa because they can think on a different level...




Krutik Gandhi
This is what is missing in todays life, Parents dont have a special bond with their children anymore
Mom and Dads have become so busy in jobs they forget to spend time with their children.
Remembering your parents for something they did for you in life






Aoi KR
My childhood was like this too. My mother could not afford to buy me my favorite toys mostly a doll house which i most wanted. That's when i decided to make out of cardboard, i could even do 3 storey house with small animals, and i could even make small blankets and bed out of scrunchies (even the new bought scrunchies i cut them just for my small house). My motto back then was "if you want something, then do it yourself to make that something."
I gave my DIY doll house to my cousin, they were happy about it.




Jack Daniels
I envy people with dad's who are role models, heroes to their kids because my dad was never home, gambled whatever little we had. I sold brooms to pay my school fees.


Ezio Auditore
you cant change your dad, but you can change yourself


My dad supported my school needs and food but he disciplined me with an iron fist and still haven't shown me that he loves me, we frequently just avoid eachother now. We even were enemies at some point.


Orcinus Orca
Im imagining when his daughter grow up and she remember when she was young then she's start to telling her partner or children about her amazing childhood.


Dewa Kawauchi
You truly are a hero of this modern age
I believe this is what kids needs in their early stages of life, creativity, imagination, patience, and the will to push even further
When i get my own kids hopefully i could be like this






Luka Anil
This dad reminded me of the times when my dad build boats, ships and other toys with match sticks to play with when i was young. He also did painting, origami, made plushies with me. He actually introduced me to the different kinds of art forms. This video reminded me on how I should cherish my sweet memories than be focused on the sad stuffs.
Edit: I was also abused during childhood by my mother. I was too focused on that sad side of my past for most of my life I guess. This must be a sign from the universe that i should love and appreciate my dad more and more for all that he has done for me.




Treyon Daren
Those are amazing creations that develop marvelously the mind of a child, your daughter future is very bright!


Cristal Dark
Then there are some parents who leave their children to phones and tv all day just so that they dont have to deal with them. I admire this dad's devotion!


American parents: Here, you can play with iPad or go watch TV. (Child wears glasses eventually)
Creative dad: I will make sure to spark her creative side and keep her away from digital world! (His daughter continues to have great eye sight)




Dorky Ming
Did he just say better toys? Then I'm wondering how those toys are gonna be cuz these toys are amazing.
Chinese are just intelligent and perfect. I love them so much.




Ah jing Teo
I call this creativity at least on the part of the parent and clearly he is cultivating that in his child in China. But in the West, people might slam the father for copy rights issue? Which might actually curb creativity instincts ? Who knows...


How could they “slam the father with copyright issues?” As long as he didnt try and make money off of his toys it shouldnt be a problem


Betty Colas
This is what you call a devoted father. I wish more men in  our culture would take note of this.


blind bandit
Me a grown adult but wanting to be that guy's daughter �� I'd love to have memories playing those with my father as a kid

虽然我已经长大成人了,但我想成为那家伙的女儿�� 我很想回忆起小时候和父亲一起玩这些游戏的情景。

Many of these toys were popular in the 80's. I grew up building them with cardboard as well. These and many others more. I Still remember my saint seiya armor made out of cardboard impressing all my friends. So fascinating to see how new generations mesmerize with things that we had almost 40 years ago. Now I work in the art field and I think these toys and activities truly work in building up your imagination and creativity. I think they also build up the confidence in knowing how to fix or get something. Most people would just freeze or won't know what to do in a problem or would need the specific toll for a specific task. They don't know how to think outside the box. I had always been the one to call for when something needed to be fixed or deviced.


Love Africa
I did exactly the same thing last year in 2020 with the first lockdown. I started collecting cardboard from Lidl and  Aldi supermarket. I bought mini components part for building car and train on Ebay. I bought tools and other instrument on Amazon. It wasn't easy to created something when my little one he was around. I don't know how he had had the time to create all this things. I really find it hard to believe. Maybe it depends on the spaces that you have. But I wasn't easy. It was more easy to taught my little  boy how to play old school outdoor games  80s or classic like the marbles game.



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