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本文译自Youtube,原标题:EPIC! Six-minute Bund light show invites you all to believe in Shanghai miracles










kevin chen

I was born In Malaysia and migrated to Australia for more than 25 years and the amount of negativity towards China is incredible.

Now I am living in other place, I get to understand and learn more about China, I have to said I am proud to be a chinese.


Malaysian Chinese seem to be the only Chinese descendants that ain’t mentally colonized and became self-loathing ��� welcome to visit or move back hugs

马来西亚华人似乎是唯一一个在精神上没有被殖民并变得自我厌恶的华人后裔��� 欢迎参观访问或搬回来,抱抱。

On eve of this historical occasion I want to congratulate 1.4 billion Chinese people what have they achieved in last hundred years. You guys worked really hard with dedication, made sacrifices so you really deserved a better living style most of you enjoying today. I pray and hope by 2050 China would be a fully developed society like Chinese government has set the goal. Let's hope rest of Asia will also get developed in future.
Blessings from your South Western neighbor Pakistan ������


Prior to 1950s, it was filled with invasion, colonization and massacre by exactly the same countries who are currently bad-mouthing China. They got some nerves to criticize China lol. CCP ain’t perfect, but at least it kept my nation intact and independent from political, mental and economic enslavement.


Scottish Maoist
This is like my 5th time watching this and i just cant get over that rendition of the internationale its amazing. Happy centenary to the CPC solidarity from scotland ���������������������❤���������✊


Mike Nicolas
From poor to rich, new China was created by the hard work of Chinese people generation after generation, and the government's planning direction. The Chinese government has never interfered in the internal affairs of other countries, and has never developed wars to colonize other countries. This process is a miracle of history.
Chinese people have always agreed with some ancient words“ Don't say,just act. Don't talk,just show.Don't promis,just prove!"

Don't forget the original intention and move forward bravely. come on. China.
中国人历来认同一些古语“Don't say,just act. Don't talk,just show.Don't promis,just prove!!”(译注:少说多做?脑子有点短路了,暂时没想出来是哪句话了)

Audun Wilhelmsen
"From poor to rich, new China was created by the hard work of Chinese people generation after generation" - Yes!
"and the government's planning direction" - It as only when the government stopped trying to plan everything, and let the amazing Chinese people things themselves, that they actually started prospering. And to be frank, the Chinese economy is still rather underwhelming on a per-person basis. Even a prosperous province like Fujian still has a fraction of the GDP/capita that Taiwan has.


China has come back to reclaim its spot at the forefront of human civilization. Well done China. My dream is to start a new life in China. I see great opportunities there.


Red Hooded Dude
ShanghaiEYE should put a disclaimer on such videos. SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Watching this video could cause boiling blood, acute hypertension, and unbearable pain in the ass to some people from particular countries.

UP主应该在这样的视频上做一个免责声明。外科主任警告(SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING):观看这段视频可能会导致您血液沸腾,血压急剧升高,对一些来自特定国家的人来说可能会产生难以忍受的痛苦。

Truly amazing what they have achieved . Western slander will only strengthen the Chinese citizens will to move forward and become stronger examples of the coming century . Truly commendable is the spirit of the Leaders in China with a global vision on the development of humanity with such humble and restrained attitude inspite of the slanderous voice of the west .


Mr. newid8
Congratulations to the Chinese people! All the sufferings in the past have not destroyed you, but have made you stronger. Looking forward to your many, many more amazing achievements in the future!


Mo Green
As a westerner who has  lived in LA,London,NewYork,Atlanta ; Shanghai is the  grandest,ultra modern cities I've ever visited to date. I tell friends the city lights up at night like everyone is
 having an on-going  "PARTY"! Just visit China, your mouth will drop in amazement & you will understand  why China now  leads the world!


Agree. Myself have been to many cities as well, NY, London, Paris, Tokyo....many bright light, big cities. But nothing compares to the grandness of Shanghai.


Ivan Vera
What an incredible success, we all'are proud of China and its development.
Saludos desde latinoamerica


Amed B
1.4 billion ppl are on way to miraculous prosperity and being an Asian neighbor of China, i congratulate the people of China for their hardwork. Keep it up. ���������


Dimas Irvan
I like how communism as an ideology is evolving in modern days, and China is proving how it can take society into prosperity, with discipline, leadership, and hard work, together between the party that elect the government, and population that gave the best individuals to perform in the party. So many people were divided by democratic vs communism, while at the end, we have to admit, accept, and learn, for majority of population, its not about what ideology a nation should applied, but how a nation should provide jobs, shelter, education, health services, and a guarantee that all citizen can get equal chance to prosperity, that is the main things. You can be liberal, socialist, or capitalist, but the nation should make a strong presence that everyone will get their chances throughout good politics and planning. 1 party, 2 parties, no party, 100 parties, it will never make any difference if the basic foundation of willingness, trust, and hard work never become a mental culture in the way a nation agreed to develop.


Val T
The dream of people about more fair society will never end. China picked up where others left and carries on this beautiful dream forward and forward. Chinese learned from it own mistakes and also absorbed the knowledge and experience of other great nations and advanced it further. China is in a new area now - none had tried and tested Chinese unique model of economy, well-fare,  education.
After visiting China several times I began to study Mandarin. And the more I understand the more I admire Chinese culture, history and mentality.


US congress are discussing how to copy Chinese infrastructure today.  It is funny if US really do it, they are going to bankrupt USA. Because of high labor cost and endless fighting in congress about how to spend money, they are not going to be great like China. US can't have a plan because of two parties fighting. lol


Mờ eo meo huyền mèo
The communist symbol only presents 2 classes: Workers and peasants. But nowadays every Chinese can join the party, no matter which classes they belong to. Thus China should change that symbol into the one that represent all classes of the society, a symbol for all Chinese people.


Everyone from working-class in the Western countries has benefited from socialism, but nowadays no one remembers the melody of "The Internationale"      Schade....


Choo Max
So true, that why the song of the last chapter is named NEVER FORGET WHY YOU STARTED


Pui Ip
Poor Guangdong province, people are queuing up to do covid test, day and night, which of course you won't see here!




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