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本文译自Youtube,原标题:Why China Has the Best Railways in the World
China has the largest network of high-speed trains in the world. It stretches a whopping 15,500 miles all over the country. But while that all sounds impressive, I can't help but wonder why theyd spend a fortune on building such a vast bullet train network when airplanes exist?
First, most central train stations are downtown, so you can easily reach them by subway. You don't need to go through extensive pre-boarding security. And even if there are some delays, they don't happen too often and are much shorter than those at airports. Also, with their wider seats, more legroom, and freedom to move around, modern bullet trains offer their passengers more comfort. That's only the beginning of the list of reasons why high-speed trains rock.


China has been doing very large infrastructure projects for hundreds of years, like city fortifications, inland canals, river diversions, and the Great Wall.


Pete Watson
Travelled business class on the Chinese built high speed train from Istanbul to Ankara in Turkey. Fast, smooth and quiet. Loved it. We will be taking the HST from Beijing to Shanghai as soon as we can travel to China once again.


Not Raelyn
I've ridden in tons of bullet trains when I visit China (I'm Chinese American) and it's really cool, but what I find annoying is that literally everyone is like watching YT or something and it's noisy- In the past everyone was talking and reading newspapers and such-
Tech is taking over ppl's lives



gt shelby
We don't care if they like China or not, cuz we only keep our mind to develop our country, solve problems and create future for our children. We'd rather people don't know about China,let them keep living in their dream and fake news


Wulf Wulf
Sure the future economy is there anyway.


@Crispaulo Benedicto ,can you check is the computer or laptop that you used to post your comment "I don't like China" is it made in China even if it is not Chinese brand. The keyboard that you used to for typing, the mouse for your computer? Don't use them and f**k off if you don't like China. I know too many white mother f**ker hypocrite like you that say they don't like China. But their computer, handphone, their sportwears, etc... are all made in China.


Cheng Huang
the bulletin trains are all fake. It's just some AR technology that the Chinese government makes them look so real. The videos are all edited. Again, China has nothing to compare with the western world. Most Chinese people are starving right now due to the trade war against the US. Good luck to them.


I forgot my MacBook last month on the bullet train from Beijing to another city. Called the railway hotline and they eventually found it and shipped it back to me for free���. Somebody found it in my seat pockets .Best of luck to this good person


Sun Shine
Really? This is the first time I heard it in the world. Lucky you!


Michael Zhuang
I am so absent-minded that I actually forgot my small luggage twice on China's bullet trains. On both times, I was able to retrieve them. My experiences inform me that they have an SOP for this sort of things. Since when I called their Lost and Found hotline, after I provided the date, train number, and general description of the lost item, they quickly located it and directed me to retrieve it. I must say I did not expect that.


Jean B M
Well lucky you!
I forgot my iphone 6sp last year in a chinese bullet train ��� tried all possible means but they couldnt find it and they told me somebody probably saw it and went away with it


jiangw0715 there is high resolution surveillance camera in each carriage. No bossy can get away from it.


benson dy
i forgot my wallet in shenzhen china when i checkout the hotel and went to guangzhou  called the hotel in shenzhen my wallet is there and i come back to shenzhen to pick up my wallet everything is there money and card nothing lost and when i try to give reward money they respectfully refuse. really amazing can not find that in most western country


Ku Criss
I am a Chinese ,and I know u can get ur things back bc u r foreigner , if u r Chinese , u will never get it back


marjolaine zhong
Ku Criss My credit card was stolen, and the Bank of China helped me compensate in less than two months. This speed is impossible in France!  Trust your country


Ted Aspane
@Alex It wasn't steal from Japan. China bought patent right from Japan and improved on it.  It fact , China bought parent rights from Germany, and France.  China paid huge money for these rights.  That's why you don't see these countries sued China for infringement.


Mark Prothro
@Ted AspaneI find it difficult to believe China paid for any kind of IP given their track record of blatant outrageous theft


Ted Aspane
@Mark Prothro -The theft mostly came from Chinese individuals who did reverse-engineering as the video had mentioned.  The purchase of patent, and copy rights came from China's big state owned companies. Because China has the largest foreign exchange reserve in the world, at present it stands at 3.1 trillions dollars, and mostly are in US dollars, the Chinese can afford to pay huge some of money for the rights.  You must realize that foreign money can't be used in China, this why China bought $1+ trillions of US Treasury bonds and other foreign assets in the world.


The last Petrol bender
@Alexthere were never a Japanese train company said China stolen their technology, ever, ony China haters would say That


Ted Aspane
@Mark Prothro Income per capita, China is not a wealthy country, that's 72 in the world.  Like I said China has $3.1 trillion Dollars in foreign reserve, that's a pretty big chunk of money by any measure.  When I say state-owned companies, who do you think who finances these companies?  Just like Tennessee Valley Authority, who do you think who finances this corporation?  China CRCC, a state owned railway company bought patent rights from German Siemens, French Alstom, Japan Mitsubishi.  That's why these foreign companies did not sue this Chinese company when it built a high speed rail in Kenya.


Ted Aspane
@Mark ProthroWell, you have to be a CCP member in order to be a government official.  In another word, CCP controls entire China's government apparatus, like military, judicial system. education, media, internet, etc.  On Kenya rail project, China will manage for 10 years, then Kenya government will take over, and Chinese company will be a consultant on retaining basis.  From I've seen and read on Chinese media and youtube, after similar types of projects completion in Africa, Central Asia, South America, the Chinese still play an important role in the project, even though the number of Chinese employees are significantly reduced.


Mark Prothro
@Ted AspaneI can't image how financing such an endeavor in Africa would result in a return on investment, at least monetarily. Perhaps I a missing something, but that culture is not exactly conducive to stability


Ted Aspane
@Mark ProthroRemember, a state-owned company, which has the government $3.1 trillion dollars backing, built the projects in Africa, the priority is not solely on profits, but on sustained business and diplomatic relationships, like further business deals, UN vote. Don't under-estimate African culture.  Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania are quite stable; unfortunately, many tend to copy China's authoritarian style of government even though they have public election.


Chen Uy
@Mark Prothro china is the 2nd largest economy with 14 trillion dollars and 400 million middles class. Their train stations look like airports.. Their taxis, cars, buses and scooters are mostky electric and plans to ban gasoline on 2025..


Mark Prothro
@Chen UyThanks I have been to China. You really think all of china will ban gasoline by 2025? How about airplanes? Maybe you can build electric drone airplanes. It sounds like you are very young.




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