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本文译自Youtube,原标题:China Public Toilet vs India Public Toilet - This is truly shocking... ������ 中国公厕vs印度公厕 。。我震惊了


I travelled around China during the 1990s. The toilets were simple and basic.   Only the major department stores and hotels would have modern toilets.   However, through massive investments by the Chinese Gov, their toilets have improved massively.   Its all about whether the Gov want to invest in the infrastructure


The world has to be governed by a committee of nations. No more wars, just cooperation. If this ever happens, then what is the norm in China will be the norm in all countries.


@regophil  The Committee Council would have to be represented by voting power according to their population number meaning larger population nations have more weight accordingly unlike the now G7 representing the 'world'. That's a real 'free world' joke.


@ckokloong  This system will heavily benefit African nations, Muslims, India, China and almost all of Asia and S. and C. Americas. When taking into the account of having voting power relative to the population, whatever decisions made can be justify as truly democratic so isn't this the West especially Bully Sam has been pontificating about when trying to plunder oil-rich nations? Perhaps, if the world decided by vote, say to relegate Bully Sam status they could as well as vote and put him in his place; the Pariah box.

这个体系将使非洲国家、穆|斯|林国家、印度、中国以及几乎所有的亚洲、南美洲和中美洲国家受益匪浅。当考虑到相对于人口拥有的投票权时,无论做出什么决定都可以被证明是真正的民|主的,那么这难道不是西方——尤其是恶霸山姆(Bully Sam)——在试图掠夺石油资源丰富的国家时一直在高谈阔论的吗?也许,比如全世界可以通过投票决定降低恶霸山姆(Bully Sam)的地位或者投票把它扔进贱民堆里。

Before you can have beautiful clean public toilets, there must be a change of mindsets. China had done a good job in educating the Chinese people on care and responsibility to the community and public facilities. It wasn't always like this in China. Chinese people's attitude has changed a lot. This attitude is something that is difficult to change in India.


Ms sarika thank you for sharing the true picture with india and the rest of the world. The clean toilets in china today is the culmination of decades of hard work by the chinese government and party where they focused on education and enforcement.  In fact as recently as 3 to 4 decades ago, many toilets in rural china such as those in villages outside the cities and large towns, were still in rather poor shape. However, the younger generation had learned and accepted the culture of keeping toilets clean without pilfering tissue paper, sanitisers, hand dryers, etc. The whole culture of cleanliness was even visible in all other local, private or public grounds including buildings. That is why it is rare to see pieces of food wrappers, cigarette butts or empty beer bottles on public grounds.  Perhaps ms sarika should expand on the methods used in china to achieve cleanliness for the benefit of our indian friends as well as the rest of the world.


I'm Indian. In my head I know that China is atleast 30-40 years ahead of India and we will never catch up. As much as I want my country to prosper, I also want all Indians to know where they really are on the totem pole and not be on cloud 9 when they're actually on cloud 4 or something. Thank you for making these videos. I love watching the videos that show China bashing US/India in infrastructure just as much as I enjoy watching any video showing Indian dominance over Pakistan. Both things are irrelevant because the differences are stark to catch up to on both sides but it's a fun watch.


This is not about India. It's about public hygiene and accessibility for all. China improved a lot in recent two decades. Meantime Europe is literally shltty, as you will be charged two euros $ for a dump, so ppl basically can't afford to shlt���, so any enclosed small areas (yes, those good looking red telephone booth in UK) or even street corners become good places for those who don't give a damn to "commit no nuisance". Maybe North America is slightly better

这与印度无关,这与公共卫生和所有人的可触及性有关。近二十年来,中国进步了很多。而与此同时,欧洲真的非常糟糕,因为你会被收取两欧元的厕所费,人们基本上负担不起。 因此,所有封闭的小区域(没错,就是英国那些好看的红色电话亭)甚至街角都会成为那些根本不在乎“不造成滋扰”的人的好地方。也许北美会稍微好一点。

Sarika, your video on China public toilets is the world first class better than Japan, Singapore. The Western countries' toilets look like 3rd class standard.
It is a wake-up call for me, I have not been to China for many years, and I should pay a visit to see China scenic places and technological development like railway, air, and land transport system.
I hope India and western countries people pay a visit to China to learn more about China and to understand China better. China wanted peace and prosperity and not wars with the western warmongering countries.




yes. i am from europe, must agree with you and say: china very impressing. above all: china still rising and europe going down. that happens when one has become a colony of usa.


I am not about to put down the Indian people, or any other peoples for that matter, we are never in real control, in authoritarian or so called democratic systems. But you cannot but help to realize from the video that China is a modern country while India is still a third world country with rampant poverty and hunger. And yet it is the Indian government that instead of taking responsibility for its shortcomings it slanders China instead, I do not see the same type of slandering towards India coming from China. Now the US slanders every country in the world that either is competing with it or it wants their natural resources for cheap, nothing preferably.


Cleanliness of public toilets is always a problem even for developed countries.
Just 30 years ago you need to follow your nose to locate the nearest toilet. Now China has an app dedicated to toilet locations
This video says much about the transformation of China and the efficiency of its government  and the cultivation of a civilized  society keeping abreast of China rapid rise.
China doubters should use China public  toilet for a change n perhaps clear their  loads of waste in their mind for sure.





I am lactose intolerant, which means going to the loo almost as many times as you eat. Even snacks and liquids. So going to the loo 5-6 times a day has been very very normal for me. Growing up in India for 21 years, there were many occasions where I had to go the filthiest of restrooms because I just had too. One time I stopped poo from Delhi to Jaipur, it was the toughest 8hour journey. My farts smelt so bad, I couldn't even be like it's someone else. It was clear who was farting. When I reached Jaipur, Uncle's bathroom stank for hours after that. I was embarrassed. Delhi bus stand restroom was broken with no door so couldn't use. I moved to US in 2006. Best part about developed countries is restrooms.


Several factors contribute to the prevalence of public defecation in India. One significant reason is the lack of access to proper sanitation facilities, especially in rural areas. Insufficient infrastructure and limited availability of toilets force individuals to resort to open defecation. Moreover, poverty and inadequate awareness about the importance of sanitation exacerbate the problem. Additionally, cultural and traditional practices, as well as a lack of behavioral change, further perpetuate this issue.


I have always wondered why India thinks it's a close rival of China, India is still thirry years behind China as far de elopement capacity in all aspects is concerned. The majority of Indians are still local farmers living in  rural areas, check UN statistics.  It even says about a billion people why china has succeeded to get Chinese out of poverty. You a country has I've come poverty when the majority of ots citizens begin to travel just for lesieur within and abroad. Check out statics, the principal clients of western tourism are largely Chinese not even from whites . Thats,why Europe love them because they spend alot of money on holidays .




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