杭州亚运会:美国没有能够与杭州相比的城市 | 这次俄罗斯要打谁?| 足球小组赛中国胜印度,难怪印度不参加亚运会?

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杭州亚运会:美国没有能够与杭州相比的城市 这次俄罗斯要打谁?足球小组赛中国胜印度,难怪印度不参加亚运会?


油管热议杭州城市美景:这是中国现代化的未来主义城市,美国没有城市能够与之相比 【杭州亚运会】
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Only CHINAS persistence , tenacity working examples with the world  walking towards a common future .


Well done China..... We Indian always believe in learning & we build our infrastructure from Chinese learning.... I know this is our century

中国,做得好..... 我们印度人一直信仰学习,我们向中国学习建设了我们的基础设施....我知道这是我们的世纪。

I have been there 4 times. Never get bored and the city is beautiful!  Plan to return to Huangzhou again this May. 来自新加坡的问候 ������������❤️!


Hangzhou is a very beautiful city and also a very modern city.


Amazing city of china. Love the futuristic architecture


I visited Hangzhou in 2012, and even 11 years ago it was very modern and beautiful city with brand new subway. My wish is to walk along the coast of the West Lake once again. ���

我曾在 2012 年去过杭州,即使在11年前,它也是一座非常现代化、非常美丽、拥有全新的地铁的城市。我的愿望是再次漫步西湖之滨。

I have been Hangzhou 6 times.
I was "LOVE SICK" Hangzhou.
Never get bored and city really beautiful. Plan to return to HANGZHOU this OCTOBER.

我去过杭州 6 次。我对杭州“爱得发狂”,我永远不会感到无聊。这座城市真的很美,我计划今年十月重访杭州。杭州被称为人间天堂,我爱上了杭州......

From Japan, I would like to express familiarity of two thousand years and respect for Chinese great history and cultures. The wonderful thing is that both China and Japan have great histories and cultures to be proud of.


As someone from the U.S. I have to say, NONE of our cities compare to this. It is absolutely beautiful and I hope to one day be able to see it in person. I sincerely hope our countries can have peace.


We Americans are shocked to see China so beautiful in this videos, we had no idea the advancement, cleanliness, and beauty of its culture, people, and infrastructure until vloggers and walking tours like yours has exposed it all. Thank you for this, it has opened our eyes who truly is the humble superpower.


I was in Hangzhou and Suzhou for a couple of weeks in 1983. Took the canal boat, 3rd class ticket in with the people, had the time of my life. Cannot recognize a thing except the lake :-)

1983 年,我在杭州和苏州待过几个星期。我乘坐过运河游船,和人们一起买了三等船票并在那里度过了我一生中最美好的时光。视频中除了湖,我什么都认不出来了。 :)

what is remarkable here, as in many videos of Chinese cities, is that we dont hear the police sirens. Very few horns too. Which means that security and civility reign in these cities.



本文译自Youtube,原标题:Foreigners in China react:  Asian games 2023

Just came back from China. I visited Hangzhou just before the opening of the Asia Games. Hangzhou has become so beautiful, even more beautiful than I can remember since my last visit in 2019 ❤������


The design in kinda of the Lutos flower... Beautiful..
My country had sent delegations hope they experience what China really is with open heart & mind...Enjoy every moment and no mix of politics...

(体育场的)设计有点像莲花... 真漂亮。


Zhong Guo is the future, and it is not just incredible architectures or infrastructures, it is the people who embrace life and optimistic about the future, even in the midst of a chaotic world. That is invaluable


What worries me is that Russia always chooses to go to war when China holds sports game. In 2008 they fought Georgia, and in 2022 they fought Ukraine. Who will they beat in 2023?

令我担心的是俄罗斯总是在中国举办体育活动时选择开战。2008 年它们打格鲁吉亚,2022 年它们打乌克兰。2023 年,它们会打谁?

Wow such a beautiful site, Hangzhou. Meantime, the state of Victoria, Australia, pulled out hosting the 2024 Commonwealth Game followed by Canada pulling out the subsequent Commonwealth Games 4 years after

哇,杭州真是一个美丽的地方。与此同时,澳大利亚维多利亚州推掉了 2024 年英联邦运动会的主办权,加拿大也在 4 年后退出了随后举行的英联邦运动会。

China a kedvenc országom.Szívesen élnék ott tartósan.Biztonságos,tiszta,grandiózus technológiával,szorgalmas és értelmes polgárai vannak.Hajrá Kína!!❤❤Kendra MagyarországbólXiöngyali.


Beautiful stadium ������.Very excited to see the cricket in Asian games������. From India ������


India will absolutely take the gold for the cricket and possible badminton men double and single.


India is so good at cricket..were they trained since very young age?


@cashmerecat9269  Yes.... we played cricket from childhood.
Actually, Cricket is played in every lane of India. Recently, India won Cricket Asia Cup and India is the host country for upcoming cricket world cup 2023. ���



❤❤❤ my hometown! So proud of my Chinese city of Hangzhou��� Chinas paradise city. Saludos para ti Rafa y a tu peque. Abrazos desde Costa Rica. Amo ver tus videos. Gracias por mostrar la china de verdad


Come on China regulator can you please hurry up with automatics buses and stop with these people sitting at the wheels doing nothing. You have the knowledge to do it. Be bold a little bit. What image you will show to other countries comming for the game?



油管热议杭州亚运会足球预赛 中国VS印度:印度惨败,难怪印度政府规定不参加亚运会?
本文译自Youtube,原标题:India v China Asian Games 2023 | Live Reaction & Watch-Along

Once Ronaldo said "This country need time, they need player, they need infrastructure" And we have to support them so they achive our dreams...


mark my words , china will rule the footballing world in next 10 years - maybe will not rule but surely will be the top nation like european nations also they will surely represent asia as one of the best nation in football ... they literally build 100 new stadiums in their country & are promoting everything for football , moreover chinese government has unveiled an ambitious blueprint to get 50 million children and adults playing soccer by the end of this decade, with the broader objective of becoming a world football superpower” by 2050

记住我的话,中国将在未来 10 年内统治世界足坛--也许不会,但它们肯定会成为像欧洲国家一样的顶级玩家,它们也一定会代表亚洲并成为最好的足球国家之一......它们在国内新建了 100 座新球场,正在推广足球运动的一切。此外,中国政府还公布了一个雄心勃勃的蓝图,即到本十年末将有 5000 万儿童和成年人踢足球,它们更广泛的目标是到 2050 年成为“世界足球超级大国”。

I can understand a little why govt make that rule to not play in Asian games���

我有点理解为什么印度政府规定不参加亚运会了 [流汗]。

India mei seriousness jata nhi hai yaar, thoda responsibility lena hoga indian government ko


India mei jo chalta wahi dikhta hai, agar indian football wo earn karega to wo bhi utna respect payega jo crickey ko milta hai, like,, jab hum saff jitte the tabka coverage dekhe,


We are the Asian champions of cricket, If cricket can do then why not football ���

我们是板球亚洲冠军,如果板球可以拿冠军,为什么足球不行呢? [不解]

Cricket me bas 5 ya 6 team hai asia me lekin football me 40 se zyada.

亚洲的板球队只有五六支,而足球队则有 40 多支。

If our Indian������ Cricket team win Asia��� cup recently in Sri Lanka������, Why not Football⚽��� team win Asian Games ���Gold ���medal��� in China������


Indian Team not select proper otherwise match was easy and one question in Indian team all player look like from north east why i don't understand in India other stat also playing good football for example Goa ,Punjab Maharashtra Kerala  ect.... i think selection team not good and if Bharat team  want qualify world cup Better COACH NEED TO HIGHER ..........




Just ban cricket for at least 10 years and everything else will be fine������


आप चिंता मत करो भाई, भारतीय फुटबॉल उभर रहा है, आपकी जीत के लिए बधाई, सम्मान रखिए, दुनिया एक परिवार है,




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