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Wow China is so dominating, a good sign for next Olympic especially for Swimming...


India sadly giving no importance to sports. They all got medals by individual effort. More than all there is corruption in selection. But corruption decreased after Modi in power


@user-ym5gf4wo6g  In the English report, I heard that there were 394 athletes from Uzbekistan participating in 38 major events. But there is no denying that the sports level in Asia is really poor. If, as some people say, a large population can represent the number of MEDALS, then the top five of the previous Olympic medal table are Asian countries, and then actually not.


@JeatLon It depends on few factors.
i) Per capita income of that country. The higher the per capita income of a country is the higher they would be in medal table.
ii) System of government. If both autocratic and democratic govt. have same per capita income. Then, the autocratic country would have higher medal. (Technically, it should be pride.)
iii) Genes:- In games like Athletics, etc country that have African in their country would perform better. Example, middle eastern countries. However, technique is also important.
iv) Population, the more Population you have, the more the choices you would have.
However, I would say certain countries like Uzbekistan is just extraordinary.




iii) 基因:在田径等比赛中,拥有非洲选手的国家的表现会更好。例如,中东国家。不过,技术也很重要。

iv) 人口:人口越多,你拥有的选择就越多。


India performing good hope we will compete japan and korea in next Olympics


we are doing good even though our per cap income 13 times lower then china, japan and korea . our just over $2500. end of the people income matter to win medal


There's the equation:
1.Japan sent 3000 athletes and won 112 medals now.
2.Korea sent 2700 athletes and won 125 medals now.
3.China sent 4250 athletes and won 243 medals now.
Where is India sent 600 athletes and won 53 medals now.
So it's not a bad result for us.




3.中国派出了4250 名运动员,现在获得了243枚奖牌。



Japan: 773 athletes
South Korea: 867 athletes
China: 887 athletes
India: 655 athletes
It is a tradition in India to make up data



The maker of this video is very talented everyone want to see the first five then he started the video from the last one������ 1:11


India lost 7 golds today ���������‍♂️ otherwise we would have got 10 golds today, Keep fighting ���������✨


There is no would have or should have or what ifs. You either have it or no. Because if someone finished better than you than you simply ONLY deserve silver


@beepbeep5153 stop your supremacist attitude. Sports was never a priority for India. We are steadily improving and will keep improving now that we are focusing on it.


@mukundkushwaha8213  You be acting like it's a priority for everyone else. It doesnt matter where your priority is, you are obviously not on the level of even korea or japan in ANYTHING but your people talk like you surpassed them 20 years ago. Smh


@mukundkushwaha8213  Indians tend to say that it is not a priority for India in anything indians suck in. According to your logic, anything does not seem to be a priority for India.


@richardfortier226  you're free to believe whatever you want. I know my country better than anyone. You can say whatever you want but that still doesn't change the truth. You know what? Yeah we suck at sports, we are inferior, weak, smelly, dirty....add whatever you want. You happy now?


South Korea with only 5 crore population has 125 medals. And look at India with 140 crore population ���������

韩国只有5千万人口却获得了 125 枚奖牌,再看看拥有14亿人口的印度,笑哭。

Because our parents force us to do engineering, become scientists doctor they don't think games as future so as result we are every where in IT sector eg. CEO of big company and best and cheap doctor and cure happen in india and all nasa or America has 30% india origin scientist and famous doctors as well ��� so bro now we are rising the game culture is rising in india this just a retake wait for teaser


Pakistan with 25 crore has only two medals . There population is one sixth of india so if india has 53 medals then Pakistan should have got at least 9 medals.


This msg probably isn't meant to criticize the players. It only shows the devotion of the beuraucratic system. If they get a bit more sincere, India has enough potential talent to beat any other country. Olympic medal tally rankings is actually considered one of the parameters to show how prosperous has a country become.


India is on 4th position. India is going to dominate in coming years in all type of games.


Yes last Asian games in 2018 India was at 8 th position,now we in 4 th,next we will be in TOP 2,WE MUST GRIND,We can do it easily if we FOCUS OTHER SPORTS AND # NOT JUST CRICKET.


India citizen almost 1 trilion but can get 13 gold medal only??������..why so many indian so proud with that result??


there is lot of  reasons of Indian being proud,  example of my house we are three brothers i am not good at sports but my other two brothers are good at sports my middle brother was good at cricket ,my youngest brother is state champion in  high jump and triple jump,  what they doing now focusing on studying  for better future because our father told to focus on study, that the reason we indian proud to see other winning medal for country ���������.




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