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本文译自Youtube,原标题:India train crash: Drone footage shows shocking scale of destruction as rescue mission ends
Drone footage that emerged on Saturday revealed the full scale of Indias devastating train crash, which killed nearly 300 people on Friday night.
At least 10 carriages careered off the tracks, some on their sides. In one area of the crash site, carriages appear to be stacked on top of each other.
According to local media reports, two trains collided so hard that carriages were thrown into the air, twisting before smashing back to the ground. A third train then crashed into the derailed carriages.
Images broadcast on local television overnight showed long lines of bodies laid out under white sheets.
Indian Air Force helicopters were deployed to the scene on Saturday to help evacuate injured passengers, as the operation to rescue those trapped beneath carriages wrapped up.


Jason Rian Abercrombie
Absolutely horrific and devastating for all involved in this tragedy. Thoughts and Prayers for all the deceased, their families and emergency services


Dulce R-L
Im horrified by the scale of this crash and the number of victims. Condolences to the families and loved ones of those deceased and a full recovery to the injured. I hope much is learned about this accident to avoid future ones.


Who wouldve guessed definitely not everyone ever when they saw the state of the Indian railway, my question is why are people so surprised that a country that disregards any health and safety has accidents like these, I feel sorry for the people who died because of the ignorance of India as whole to health and safety


KingDoms Kingdom1985
Spot on N, it's horrendous how it never gets sorted and these kind of genuinely horrific incidents happen. Another sad part is that any criticism of Indias disgraceful attitude towards health and safety is met with anger by Indian people themselves... when this could quite easily be them or their family. Enough is enough at this point! The country of India and its people urgently need to change their mindset towards health and safety protocols.


Jignesh Raval
@john smith For your kind information Britishers took evil advantage of Indians warm welcome culture and looted the country.
Deployed the train system which was not forsighted to transport big nation like India unlike less populated Britain. Hence, it is evident for the mishap and currently India has the largest number of people commute by train world wide with no accidents in decades, this incident happened as the goods train was stationery on outer track perhaps due to technical failure.



Oh God.!
How awful. How in hell does this occur? Head on collision of trains is so rare because there are failsafes.
I hope it wasnt one of those trains that everyones clinging to the outside of because its so full.
Condolences from the heart to all victims and their families.





Sir Oscar Whiskey
It's just another day in a country with the highest number of engineers, doctors, software engineers, greatest healthcare, best universities, strongest army, highest GDP, shiniest temples, cleanest parks, bullet trains in every home, and tallest leader.


Andy X
My deepest condolence to "the world's largest democracy India, the shining India, the incredible India".


It's tragic but not unexpected India's safety standards are low and the train tracks they use were the same ones built but the British during the colonial period Africa's train tracks are the same British colonial built and under maintained this type of disaster was only a matter of time unfortunately unless they invest in improving the train systems soon this won't be the last incident of this nature.


Mr Nunya
Just imagining how they ride trains over there standing on top, hanging on the sides, sitting on the bumper.
Crazy stuff.



Hundreds of lives will not close their eyes because their souls are watching from the sky. These personnel from the security department, dispatch department, and accident warning department. Aren't they one of the killers? Those people are still sitting in their seats, I think there are so many lives, it's difficult to close their dead eyes. Finally, I would like to express my condolences to the loved ones of the deceased- From China���


Eric G
It's so d and tragic at the loss of life.Sadly,India's railways are notoriously dangerous. Hate to say this,but it pees me off to see hundreds of spectators gathering around,hampering the real rescue and recovery efforts.Again,India is notorious for not lacing in security cordons to ensure the rescue work can be done unhindered,without putting ghoul watchers safety at risk


victor huynh
Spelt doom from the beginning since the really old railroad track couldn't handle the increase the speed for the passengers train. India increase the speed to operate semi highspeed train without upgrade the track, end result many died from this deadly train crashed.


J.J. Anthony
It appears India doesn't know how to run train services in a safe manner. There should be big changes made in how trains are run.


Anand Tyagi
In a single day Indian railways transport more people than the population of Australia, 4thLargest network in the world and mostly electrified tracks. And still people believe it's incompetent.


pikachus 5m
Must be the same maintenance crew of the suspension bridge that collapsed on its re-opening, killing 134.


Too much people in India ��� every service and place is absolutely full and poor ��� we need more childfree comunities in India


BLAME MODI. He should be spending money on lndian Transportation systems Sewage Water and School systems [INFRASTRUCTURE] Instead of space rocket`s and Warships. The old Railways Built in 1853 by the British....




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