耗资2.16亿美元!中国在阿富汗喀布尔建造最大的工业城!| 爆炸性新闻:中国在阿富汗启动最大的公路建设项目

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本文译自Youtube,原标题:China Builds The Largest Industrial Town in Kabul, Afghanistan! 216 Million Dollars Project!
Hello everyone and welcome! Here, we embark on an extraordinary adventure into the world of global mega projects, where we highlight the forefront of construction, innovation, and extraordinary engineering accomplishments. Join us as we venture into the realm of towering skyscrapers, monumental infrastructure advancements, and revolutionary technological marvels that shape the path to the future. Be sure to become a part of this remarkable journey by showing your support through liking, subscribing, and enabling notifications to stay informed about our captivating episodes!


China is a true to her words state and an earnest friend ❤❤❤China is a real super power state
love china...
Afghans ae lucky having China for a friend...




I as an Afghan I welcome Chinese the companies to invest in Afghanistan ���������������


Ich bin Indonesia, habe Video gesehen wie schwer das Leben nachdem di US das Land zerstört und in Trümmern Situation verlassen,  ich hoffe vom Herzen das China Afghanistan Freundschaft bilden, gute Beziehungen als Nachbarn und gegen seitig helfen, und ich hoffe das bald Afghanistan besseres Leben genießen kann


We will bring peace to your nation, man. Wish all the best to you and your family in Chinese dragon new year.


China always carries out win-win cooperative business investments n developments.
No war, peace to the world ���



A friendly neighbor is more important than a disruptive enemy, and Afghanistan has suffered too much to need to suffer more.
A peaceful environment is the hotbed of progress.



With China's help Afghanistan has a win-win environment that can make Afghanistan's economy flourish and succeed. Afghanistan is endowed with significant natural resources that will form the foundation of a thriving economy. Diversification into agriculture, light industry, education, health care, and infrastructure gives Afghanistan the potential to rise beyond anyone's expectation.


Yes, this will truly contribute to the peace, prosperity and stability not only to Afghanistan but to the world. A toast to its success!


What US and it's allies did to Afghan was destroy to loot their resources but failed...China came in with soft power to build for exchanges of resources...so win win for both nations.


Respect to Asian unity and kudos to China for helping develop Afghanistan. Regards from the south of India.


..... remember the desolation destruction damage and decay that the US and her Western Allies wrought upon Afghanistan !!!!

..... 记住美国及其西方盟国给阿富汗造成的荒芜、破坏和衰败!!!!

now the world knows, china wants to help and build. will make your nation, economics and people, all do better.  china did the same thing to my nation of zambia, africa.  before china came, our people had no food, school & had to walk 5 hours per day to get water daily.  20 years later all has changed, 75% of people have 8th grade education, better water wells (no need to walk 5 hrs per day), roads, schools, hospitals, bridges, dams, trains, etc.  in 10 years, your nation will thrive, thanks to wonderful china...  the world loves and thanks beautiful china!


china will lead all nations to the future, via BRICS, belt & road and chinese space station - bravo china!


China should help to make the power full army in Afghanistan. Because their self defense power should be more powerful


for the magnitude of the project, the investment of $260,000,000 es very low but significant for Afghanistan I guess.


At present, it is only a tentative investment. China has failed investments in Tanzania and Zambia, so it is more cautious than before.
Afghanistan needs to be seen as a peaceful environment to give other countries the confidence to invest.



When dealing with Afghanistan govt one must be sincere and trust worthy...so Chinese govt it is a WIN ...WIN... SITUATION


How are the chinese able to manage and construct all the mega infrastructure projects around the world ?
Who else has the skills, manpower and willingness like china?



@ConstructWorldwide the world today is not peaceful, and it looks like it is heading in the wrong direction.
Is china growing too fast? Will the world be more peaceful if it is slower? Take time to resolve the current world issue before creating more?
china is extremely competitive, maybe too stressful for the world to comprehend?

@ConstructWorldwide 当今世界并不太平,而且看起来正朝着错误的方向发展。



The 450km long Wahan hwy at an average 4000m altitude has taken over the no. 1 spot as the most critical road construction project between Afghanistan and China


Wars and ideologies have prevented Afghanistan from benefiting from our modern world. It is Afghanistan's window of opportunity to get out from the rut. Governments and foreign powers will come and go, infrastructures will hopefully continue to serve trade and development which are vital for joining the modern world.


The BRI projects all over the world needs alot of $$$$. It is a blessing that these countries have the opportunity to builds their infrastructure and infrastructure --which will bring progress and prosperity to their country and the world. Hope they can appreciate the opportunity and committed for a long period. It takes many years to develop a country


Clearly the West, particularly the US is not happy about the project as they don’t want to see Afghanistan people to have better future !


@Samqdf They got their arses kicked just like the British and the Soviet Union best wishes to the people of Afganistan

@Samqdf 他们就像英国和苏联一样被打得屁滚尿流,向阿富汗人民致以最良好的祝愿。

The motive is make Faganistan a trade able nation and developed manufacturing for cheaper labors for China then China will be the service country on the higher level of developments such as technology systems , logistics implementations, social services and infrastructure’s development technical skills with China’s platforms . All border neighboring countries to China have to be neutral or friendly to China to keep peace and sustainable developments . No one wants an unfriendly neighbor. Once a nation is established its own sustainable economy, it will seek peaceful coexistence with other nations. Only an undeveloped country can be easily manipulated by the warring states like the United States.


Why the United States and the western can't build anything in Afghanistan for the past 20 years ???? ���������


They came to destroy you.
This new "saint" comes with gifts and money but know this they are all evil. True development and progress comes from within and with no dependency.



The comment made in the video was that the road project threatens US and western values. My comment is why did the US leave Afghanistan in the first place knowing that everything it sought to establish in the last 20 years would be up turned. Many pundits will argue US occupation of Afghanistan was unsustainable. That may be true. if so after 20 years of pushing its values in Afghanistan if those values are so inviolate and universal how can it be so easily overturned with America’s withdrawal. Perhaps the values are not as inviolate and universal as the Americans think it is especially in this part of the world (a different culture, history, cosmos) . if so what other parts of the world would this be also applicable to and how should America adjust its foreign policy to reflect it has learnt a precious lesson here? Madness is doing the same things over again and expecting a different outcome���

视频中的评论是公路项目威胁到了美国和西方价值观,但我的评论是美国一开始离开阿富汗时就知道它在过去20年里试图建立的一切都会被颠覆,因为许多学者认为美国对阿富汗的占领是不可持续的。如果是这样,那么美国在阿富汗推行了20年的价值观,如果这些价值观是如此不可侵犯和具有普世性,又怎么会随着美国的撤军而轻易被推翻呢?也许这些价值观并不像美国人认为的那样不可侵犯和具有普世性,尤其是在世界上的这个地区(不同的文化、历史和宇宙)。 如果是这样的话,那么世界上还有哪些地区也适用这种情况呢?美国应该如何调整其外交政策以反映它在这里学到了宝贵的一课?疯狂就是重复做同样的事情,却期望得到不同的结果。



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