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本文译自Youtube,原标题:Iran and Saudi Arabia agree to restore ties:"The world is changing very fast"

CGTN Europe spoke to Mohammad Marandi, Iranian American academic and political analyst.


Im not even Muslim but feel so joyful about the news. All good people should celebrate peace. Theres still hope for world peace and humanity


Barry Shaw
Incrediblely impressive diplomatic achievement, thanks China, Iran and Saudi Arabia for being the adults in the room. Thanks from the USA


Discover China探索中国
When USA engage in the Russo-Ukraine war, China is helping Iran and Saudi Arabia restore ties ������������������


will engel
the conflict dates back to Persia when Saudi forced Persians to convert to Islam. US encouraged the Saudis to spread the extreme brand of Islam, and then waged war against them with Global War on Terrorism (GWOT).  the Saudis and Iranians are finally realized that.


Mohammad Dehghani
The key point in foreign policy is having good relations with neighboring countries. It is great to see a positive relationship among Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and other countries in the Middle East. The role of the USA is minimized in the Middle East.


Kondwani Nkwazi
This is real human rights,not supplying arms in the name of defence,respect to china.


This is a gigantic achievement and diplomatic victory. However, the USA and its allies, and of course Israel, will see this as a major threat and first seek to discredit and destabilize it, and second to attack it in every way they can. It is to be hoped that every evil move by the West will be countered and rebuffed by KSA and Iran. Finally, I deeply hope that the accord between KSA and Iran will lead to peace and stability in Yemen, and bring ease to Lebanon and Syria.


S Sartré
I am very happy that this agreement has been reached, the region needs peace after so many years of senseless wars. I count the days to see Syria without war as well as Yemen.  Great work not only of China as a mediator but also of all those who showed good will to reach this agreement, including Putin who has been the great manager of the regional union for peace.


Mujibur Rahman
Very good initiative welcome. If good relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran are maintained, peace can be established throughout the Middle East!


Wong CY
Yes Peace is what required with US torching Europe food shortage inflation and upheavals in the finances of so many Central Banks arising from US interest hike.
Nations that continues to do the bidding of US choose conflicts unrests will find themselves languishing in the pits for many years to come - like Pakistan.



I am so happy for Iran and Saudi Arabia can come together. Thank you China for peace broker deal. Respect from Thailand


abu lonthonk toyib
thank you china for making peace between sudi arabia and iran. the muslim world is very grateful for this.I hope there will be peace in the Middle East soon success. china deserves the nobel prize for world peace...���������


Anti Tazvir
I am an Iranian who loves Prince Mohammed bin Salman and I am proud that my name is Mohammed. And I am sure that one day the Middle East will become the most civilized region in the world thanks to Prince Bin Salman


Peter Maingi
Win-win outcomes are far better than conflicts and wars. Congrats KSA and Iran for coming to the negotiations table.. and thanks to China for the initiative to come up a peace framework.


Boban Milanovic
two countries decide to restore friendship and work towards a better and peacefull future? what a shock this must be for the "human rights" and "freedom" loving USA+vasalls ...


ahmad adimi
It seems that the rotation of power from the West to the East is happening very fast


Chase A
The tide is turning Thank you China for making peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia . I'm praying that Turkey will leave Nato and all the middle East will have some peace ✌ at last ,


Sapphire Emerald
Its a breath of fresh air & a relief to hear about it & G20 meeting further fueld this peace deal between KSA-Iran i guess. Because unity of Muslim countries is the only way forward.....best wishes to both Muslim countries from Pakistan


This what good news for the middle Eastern people. When the Muslim nations can settle their differences and find common goals, peace and prosperity can achieve. But not so great news for Washington as peace and not at their national interest. The Muslim nations needs to unify and protect their national and regional interest.


Leong Dak .Ling
Finally!? Time to give peace a chance! Well done China, Iran and Saudi��� It is time to work together to bring prosperity and harmony in the region... i pray everyday for peace in the world and this is one of the best news for humanity. Let us put our differences aside, we r all made differently but that does not mean we cannot live and work together... i am happy for the 3 countries.


mel leblanc
The world is becoming much more united than ever before, led by BRICS+ much of Asia, Africa, South and Central America are finding they have much in common. Peaceful dialogue, cooperation, and win win development will further unite the world for the betterment of so many people. No more wars, just better lives for people.
The old colonial, hegemony, military bullying nations will be left behind.



China did a good win win job for the West Asia and itself.
The depth of Chinese success is yet to be seen and will depend on how long the rapprochement last and if the relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia developes further.
Chinese and Russian diplomats should jointly remind both Iranians and Saudis about their own success in forging great relationship between China and Russia despite all the different views regarding too many issues.
A successful belt and road project in West Asia and even East and North Africa requires better trade ties and a better quality of stability in that region. That is something that is essential to China, Iran and Saudi Arabia and all of their neighbours too.







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