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Wallace Katini
This century is china's, let the world witness its transformation


Lance Wood
Because they spend less time making weapons of mass destruction to invade other nations and spend more time building infrastructure and improving the quality of life for its people.


Beng An Chan
Yes, america spent $6 trillion on afghanistan and iraq wars in past 20 years . China spent the same some of money connecting all first and second tier cities with 36,000 km of high speed rail in the past 12 years.


I still can't wrap my head around this. We spent tens of trillions on the military for decades. Imagine all that money going into our infrastructure. Can you imagine the amount of businesses generated by those infrastructure facilities.


Don Thompson
I have had the pleasure of riding on these trains in China on three occasions. All the stats are great, however, the real-time experience does not disappoint.


Casual Chris
China is good at building these because they actually what they say and have a sophisticated planning system for mega-projects like these. In the West they would of argue over it in Parliament for at least several years before even deciding wether the project should exist in the first place, I mean look the expansion plan for Heathrow Airport, after more than a decade of yapping they ditched the plan lmao.


Duck Trump
They talk about building a high-speed train in The Peoples Republic of California for more than twenty years, yet it's still not finished. That's how bullshit democracy works over there. ���������


China has no time responding to Westerners' negative narratives. China is busy and focuses on eradicating the last pockets of poverty, developing upgrading its infrastructures and industries, more research will be carried out with new innovation and inventions, deepening its economy and fianance, modernize its military to Rejuvenate China fully by 2049


Hardyson Chen
when a country lead by engineers and technicians...


John Hoy
The primary objective of the Chinese Government is to improve the livelihood of its 1.4 billion people. To this end, infrastructures of all sorts are being built in the shortest possible time so that more people will enjoy the fruits of this endeavor as soon as possible.


XiaoXian Xu
family on the 1200KM away: son do you wan to have a visit on home? i have what you love prepared.
son: ok, be there on 4 hour.


The Chinese aren't wasting time on performative activism, and the results are obvious.


Ganbat Gabi
Actually this is fascinating me China. As i am Mongolian. China should go more and Asian we need to be strong together ���


C Cei
Cool Chinese technology, cool shots. When a country keeps directing all its resources to improving its own people's lives, for 40 years, miracle happens.


Kevin Law
It just makes sense to use rail in such densely populated country, but the transportation miracle is more overwhelming when you add the tens of thousands of KM of express grade highways at the same time period, not to mention of course all the new airports and sea ports.


ge gary
Cut and paste from US media: “Currently, those bullet trains crawl across the country at max speeds of only 300 kilometers per hour, making the 1,318-kilometer trip in an excruciating 4 hours and 49 minutes.”
Note the word “crawl”, “excruciating”!



chili crab
Great video, absolutely love the high speed network in China, makes touring China easy and hassle free, wish the pandemic can be over soon so I can visit again


Ken Wigger
Just amazing growth and development. In China the future in NOW! I had to get the calculator to convert that fancy Metric to good old American MPH and Miles. :-) Those trains be FAST! Alex, your videos beckon travel to China. Back to the Future & Back to China! Well done Alex!

惊人的增长和发展,未来就在现在的中国!我得用计算器把复杂的公制换算成美国速度和里程数 :-)那些火车真快!Alex,你的视频吸引着我去中国旅游。回到未来,回到中国!干得好,Alex!

The high speed train in China got so many criticized over the past years since the first line operation. But it still go its own way to the level of today! Amazing, high speed train is not only a faster train. It provides huge impact of economic zones. cities are grouped as 2-3 hours working zone, 4 hours life zones. So the huge cities (e.g. Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou...) can for a hub zone to make srrounding cities get the similar facilities. That will boost the economics, logistics, communication, and people's job opportunities. So high speed train system is really an icon and leading the fast development of China. I love the China's high speed train! wonderful!


Steven X
Because when China started the massive high-speed railway construction, many predicted that few Chinese could afford the tickets. But they hugely underestimated China. In 2019, China's high-speed railway ridership reached 2.2 billion, or 62.6% of all railway ridership. A lot of capacity of regular railways ( non-high-speed) were released to cargo transportation in the meantime. China is considering to build second Beijing-Shanghai high speed railway since the current one passed its design capacity.


HK.Chinese Canadian
Alex, you did it again with another outstanding video on on China's infrastructure. Have you ever considered doing a longer documentary regarding China's reconstruction.  I bet it would be great.


Art Highland
Unfortunately, we don't have here in the US, if the US has such a system, in the east, each of the major city can have its own 1-hour, 2-hour and 4-hour life zone. NYC will become the big city connect Boston, Phil, and other surrounding areas within 1-hour HSR  ride. You can go from grand central  take an hour train to the south station in Boston, have Lobster dinner with someone  in Pier 4, at 6 PM, heading back at 8 PM, then get back to NYC by 9 pm


David Schuster
Good video, I’m a Chinese railroad enthusiast and it’s such a surprise for me that there are three parallel high speed lines just in front of my university campus so that I can watch trains roaring past all the time!


Usually the speed is 350 km per hour with gold or red paint. The footage looks or shows old like at least 5-8years old. The white and blue (“Hexie” model which you can see on the train side) cars are not “high-speed” trains in China or in Chinese. They are “between-cities” trains in China or in Chinese and they run 200-300 km per hour. The high speed trains are “Fuxing” model. I appreciate your work, but please be more accurate.


Manu Kalia
I can say China Bullet Train experience is so Great that you won't feel like getting down on your station as you reach there so fast.
Had similar experience Twice Between Guangzhou and Shenzhen Twice last year.
Was just a 28 Minutes ride, More Silent even at 310kmph inside the cabin,
than a super slow train in India.





Emmanuel Flomo
China is so good at becoming a leader in producing many things because China loves herself, and need the best for all her people wellbeing and maintain a win-win policy positions for dealing with the rest of the world.
A Chinese leadership legitimacy depends on delivering on their plans for China and its citizens.
On the contrary, Western leaders get free legitimacy simply by being voted for based on lies and a myopic supremacy belief they never stopped telling themselves and the world. The west policy for success and dealing with the rest of the world is to grow richer and stronger by keeping the rest of humanity poor perpetually.
They neglects their countries while looting and manipulating the world only for the 1% and satan.





In 2019, because of our ages, we initially planned to visit two provinces - flying to Guiyang, tour Guizhou for 8-10 days, then head off to Hainan for another week. The entire trip from US would have taken us 3 weeks. We put it off because the HST line to Hainan was still on the drawing board, and instead we spent two and half weeks in Fujian, with some trips on HST. Unfortunately our plan to visit China this year is cancelled.  Hopefully, we can travel again next year.  I love the HST there.   Not only they are fast and inexpensive, they are punctual, easily accessible, clean and coordinated well with local transport.


The cost of Honolulu's elevated 20 miles rail line has increased from an initial estimate of $5.1 billion to more than $9 billion . The federal government has long since suspended payment of its share of the budget. Maybe they should hire the Chinese company to finish the project for a fraction of the cost.


Pahat pahat
Basically, in the West too many vested interests are involved; in China most of these projects are undertaken by the State Corporations from various regions and once the Central Government had agreed on the project, they can practically issue the start work order. In a lesser organized scenario, there will be plenty of wastage since many trial runs could take place but if well organized within the setup, the gestation period will be shorter, hence the current result. I read an old report of a comment made by either ADB or WB who set in a railway committee and he told one of the Chinese tenderers that his price was too low and if given the job he would lose money. Reply: I know it but I wanted the experience and I am prepared to lose some money on this contract! Hence, their progress in the infrastructure sector is almost certain!



A Fun Guy Named Kawhi
I laughed out loud at a Russian girl's clip comparing Chinese rail vs Russian rail.
Among the good part of Russian train rides, you won't hear babies crying or sharing sings other people are listening. Russians don't eat instant noodles on trains and they talk on their phones as quite as they can.
I am Chinese I must China has the best hardware but Chinese citizens need better situation awareness on public places. ������




Johnson Cao
Every country has his own problems; China hit the chances because its vast population, that’s good for the high speed railways, and since China copy and learned the technology and then integrated with own technology- that’s the way human civilization; also China have so many issues to tackle too. It’s nothing to say who dominate the world. Rankings sometimes just boring and meaningless.


ER Xiao
We don’t want Westerners to know the truth. We need to discover the economy quietly until we get back to where we should belong!  The world's largest economic power!  Tang and Ming, the economy accounts for 50% of the world's total economy.  We have gone through 200 years of turmoil, and now we are awakened, just like our ancestors, no one can stop us.


Dengyu Choo
China is now doubling the high speed rail way network which includes my city, a 4 tier city in China, now has 5 bullet train stations.


With Pikachu
They copy shimkansen from Japan, which was already very mature technology. Chinese build all railway by hand (no machinery), only top beam is fabricated in factory. It is very solid built and will last many years. Enjoyable to watch, too.


Please don’t sale high speed rail’s equipment(like trains and vvvf)to China anymore........because lots of equipments were come from other countries,such as Japan ,France,Germany(most of the things were from here).
You can easy to find that People of repubic of China’s trains are similar with ICE(Europe)and Japan’s E2 Shinkansen Bullet train because those countries sales their trains to People of republic of China



China so good? Actually it isn't. The tech is mostly from Japanese/French/German. Japan has a much longer bullet train history but they have never had an accident with deaths unlike China. The Japanese were more cautious. The Chinese more 差不多 (close enough) with safety which is why Japanese have tested at higher speed but run at lower speed for public operation. It is true that China has built a lot quickly and that is to be admired however but having travelled on HSR trains in Europe, Japan, Taiwan and China I feel from a customer perspective the China ones were the worst (eg more chaotic ticketing if you are not a mainland Chinese), the Japanese the best, Taiwan also very good (but built by Japanese).


Jes Jes
I've been on the Shanghai Maglev - back and forth. Top permitted speed with passengers 431km/h. AWESOME!!!!  At around top speed, it's loud and very very violently shaky...huge adrenaline rush.   Sooo cool.
I've also ridden on their inter city high speed train...the cruise at around 305km/h. pretty cool too.





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