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本文译自Youtube,原标题:Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway has carried more than 1 million passengers in 2 months operation
The Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway has carried more than 1 million passengers in just two months of operation, and has continued to surge from the earliest 14 flights per day to 48!


People who criticise are just full of jealousy...��� Well done to China & Indonesia for the project. The Indonesian people will remember for generations to come how the high speed train helped to change their lives.


Congratulations to Indonesia for the success of the Jakarta-Bandung high speed train. Recently Indonesia has awarded China with a dam construction in South Sulawesi which will be beneficial to the economy of Sulawesi. Hopefully Indonesia will be able to proceed with the project for the high speed rail between Jakarta and Surabaya with China as well despite of financial and political problems.


This train is too clean and too cheap, and very boring.
In NYC, the subway is more exciting, it's like going into a toilet, and full of addicts, and muggers and you never know if you will leave the subway alive, and you can repeat the adventure every single day, NOW that is exciting....according to Americans.



Many people in west are ignorant that the population of Indonesia is 4 times bigger than the UK and the people of Indonesia are not as poor as they imagined.


Is it their reason as to why most of them especially in the government acts as if they're mister/miss know it all..


Such a straightforward decision by Indonesia, building High Speed Rail for the benefit of their people. Totally unlike Philippines, whose squabbling over South China Sea rocks and inviting in US bases, will only result in futility and loss for the entire country.


hoping our south east asia country not become new middle east with an outsider provoke us into their war in the name of justice and humanity.. we dont want any regional war in our region.. we want more trade, trade and trade.. any differences solved in diplomatic table not by we have bigger weapon..


Congratulations Indonesia For Showing To Some ASEAN Leaders On How To Make The Correct & Right Foreign Relationships Independently Including Using Huawei's 5G To Benefit The Citizens Of The Country And Not To Succumb To The The Threats Of The USA, UK, Australia, Canada In Their Decision Making Process Hinging On To Those Countries Political & Military Threats.

祝贺印尼向一些东盟领导人展示了如何独立自主地建立正确的对外关系(包括使用华为的 5G技术以造福本国公民),而不是在决策过程中屈服于美国、英国、澳大利亚和加拿大的威胁。

Previously when the same article came out, a few dudes criticized & said the Indonesian HSR would be losing money as not many of its people can afford the train rides. I pointed out to them in every country, railway project is same as other public projects like hospitals, highways & universities, etc etc. And all public projects are meant to serve the people & for development of the nation; NOT PRIMARILY MEANT TO MAKE PROFITS.


1 million passengers saving some 2 hours each or 2,000,000 man hours; at 8 hour per shift, it means making available another 250,000 man power! well you can put a cost to that saving!


Indonesia is slowly building the necessary infrastructure for growth. Congrats, this Indonesian government is doing good for its people.


This is a sign that South East Asia and Asia in general have proven to the world about their revival. There are 3 important things in reaping the results of this hard work, as an example, Remain grateful, passionate and believe in yourself.


Me as Indonesian give full thanks to china and hope to build longer until Surabaya pleaseee we need it!!!


As a Chinese I must point out extension line to Surabaya will be very expensive because it is longer. I know Indonesia economy is booming but I still don't know if it is the best time to extent the line for Indonesia.


Let's hope China bids on the extension. Having said that, another YouTube report said that China won the contract for UK's HS2 for over $50 billion US.  Maybe China feels it is getting spread too thin?


@MASMIWA  China opens thousands kilometers high speed railway every year (42000km in 15 years).  Let's say distance between Bandung and Surabaya is about 700km.  Of course it's not going to build in one year, if it's 5 years, that's like 140km per year.  It's really nothing when comparing with thousands kilometers in China.  So China should have enough engineers to handle a few projects at same time.

@MASMIWA 中国每年开通数千公里高铁(15年内开通了42000公里)。假设万隆和泗水之间的延长线长度为700公里(当然,它不会在一年内建成,如果建设期为5年,那就相当于每年140公里),与中国每年开通的数千公里相比,这实在不算什么。因此,中国应该有足够的工程师来同时处理几个项目。

Just do simple calculation...1 million passangers in two months is far from enough to repay Rp 108 trillion Investment, along with loan interest, wages and operational costs.


You haven't calculated the loss of car fuel subsidies due to traffic jams. You haven't calculated the economic impact on tourism. You haven't counted the number of new jobs from the start of the project until its operation. You haven't counted the Transfer of Technology given to Indonesia. So, It's not just about paying off a loan.


You do know high speed train is gonna last for decades especially that this train is maglev type. And this project is not looking for profit, it's for improving public transportation and to cut traffic. That loan is gonna be payed back with other national income


Our highway roads are also still in debt, our public health insurance too. As long as it's for the sake of the people, any infrastructure IS GOOD. Do you think the revenue is only from the ticket selling? It's obvious you don't understand how public infrastructure work ���
The HSR will trigger development at the stations and the area around the stations, many investment will come. That's how public infrastructure works, Mr. Calculation. You don't have to worry, even Indonesians can sell out $45-$60 regular trains. Train is our life, esp in Java



@MultiDivebomber  The total population of Metro Jakarta & Metro Bandung is a total of 40 million people. It is normal for an HSR route to be built. China has also started building the HSR from the Beijing (Capital) - Tianjin (Industrial and Port City) route. The distance is only 117 KM. But the total population is 35 million people. Previously, the Beijing-Tianjin route also had a standard train line and a toll road. Before the HSR, the total number of standard train passengers was 8.3 million per year. After the HSR there was 18.7 million per year. The Whoosh Has reached 1 million passengers in 2 months.

@MultiDivebomber 雅加达大都会和万隆大都会的总人口为4000万,它们之间修建高铁线路很正常。中国也修建了从北京(首都)到天津(工业和港口城市)的高铁线路,它们之间的距离只有117公里,但总人口达3500万。在修建高铁之前,两座城市之间也有一条标准的火车线路和一条收费公路。高铁开通前,标准列车每年的乘客总数为830万人次。高铁开通后,每年的乘客总数达到了1870万人次。雅万高铁的载客量在两个月内就达到了100万人次。



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