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本文译自Youtube,原标题:China is now the 'world's sole manufacturing superpower'. How did it develop so fast?


Unless you are a Chinese you will never know what actually made China able to become the world's business entity.
It is not because of China's state owned companies or banks that spur this kind of developments.
It is the characters of the Chinese. They are born businessmen and entrepreneurs, honesty, intergrity in business , hard working and most important the mindset of the Chinese.. These you will NEVER find in any country in the world .
Trying to apply the same methods to other countries e.g like India will never work.





The path to become the industrial superpower wasn't an open easy one. It was a long, arduous and costly one. China started from a low technology level and had to copy, learn and develop every piece of advanced technology it needed. The west wasn't going to give away their secrets. The west didn't even want to sell those advanced technology to China. The list included not only semiconductors but wheels for high speed trains, self lubricating ball bearings and even the steel bearings for ball pens. The fact that China was able to overcome those obstacles is nothing short of a miracle.


The rise of China is driven by many critical factors, especially China's rise in technologies and its foreign policy -many countries cooperate with China on trade, investment, etc, more comfortably and more fruitful/effective than dealing with western ones.


China's secret for success? A government that cares and makes policies (whatever mistakes there may be) that it thinks will benefit its people, a people that WORKS HARD and beyond. A nation that has clamped down on corruption. A nation that has always been a leader in policy - despite being misconstrued or derided by the west. So, this is why the western world is slipping down...the west has less skilled workers coming through (too lazy to learn hard sciences), too demanding of 7hr work days, and never LEARNING about China while the Chinese go to every nation and LEARN about the culture and customs to serve those nations better. ....jeez, not hard to figure out - but does involve hard work which I dont think the wests' population is willing to go through any longer...take drugs or alcohol is easier to deal with life in the west.


Some outdated information in your video. For the past 5 years at least, Elon musk has been nothing but praises for chinas EVs and for chinas EV industry as a whole.
And I don't believe he said what you claim he said 10 years ago in that manner. It was a more nuanced remark, maybe about exports, or of the battery swap model China was pursuing at the time.
Say whatever negative thing you want to about Elon, but If Elon musk didn't play VERY nice with the Chinese government as well as its state sponsored EV manufacturers, you can bet that Tesla would never have been granted its one-of-a-kind foreign company status allowance in ChinaWITHOUT being forced to partner with a Chinese company.
No other major US company has been allowed this.





I visited a relative in a very remote village in Fijian last year, my relative used to be really poor, I remember last time I visited them was in around 1990, at that time they brought out a small dish of finger size fish as their best dish for me, I almost cry at that time. Fast forwarde thirty plus years later, their five sons all have their own two stories independent house, each family has a car. That shows the progress did make it to the remote village.


Meanwhile in india people are celebrating factories are moving out of china and china is in crisis. China is aging while india is booming more them 1.4 billion people. Little they know that china is moving from value chain and those factroies moving out of china is going to thailand, indonesia and vietnam very few coming to india. India is just happy being 3rd world gdp yet gdp percapita is still lower then that of bangladesh


Haha, the current world situation is the same as that of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period 2000 years ago. We can find a solution to the current world problems from the division and unification of history. Then there is the fact that our government only focuses on our own internal affairs, that is, the people's livelihood. Of course, we Chinese don't really care about politics, we just care about our own lives and our families, because the family is the core of our lives. We are very focused on family and nature, and do not leave our fate to gods or other gods. As long as the government is concerned about our lives, this is a place where you can see the peasant uprisings in our history, you can see that when life is not good, the government will be overthrown. Instead of the so-called democracy and freedom, you live well is democracy is freedom.


The US industries produce weapons and related military equipment for its major economic activities . Also the US earns a lot of money in its GDP by being a US dollar transaction tool in global trade, Whereas China produces daily consumer products for the world for peaceful human consumption. Hence China contributes a lot to the world economic developments and progress.


You brought up two important facts, one : the strength of power of a nation should be measured by PPP not GDP because GDP measured by US dollars, second ; The US is the super power by military spending, China is the super power by manufacturing. now we should have a conclusion and know what is going to happen in the near future already.


You have overlooked one issue, that is, the GDP output of the United States is high value-added services and manufacturing, while China's GDP is low value-added. In other words, the profits of the 10 Chinese mobile phone manufacturers combined are not as good as the profits of the American iPhone.In other words, Americans are living, while Chinese are trying to survive.


china use their money to taken care of their people, not bombing other country, thats a huge differences compare to the west.
There is iconic photo and video that u can find on the internet to see how rapid china development, its a picture of train driver, when he is young he used to be drive a wicked steam train, he still drive a train, but now is a bullet train. In just his 26 years of carrer as train driver.



China has established itself as the world's manufacturing superpower...largely through state-led industrial development. The Chinese government has always maintained state-owned enterprises, i.e. SOEs, that have public ownership of the natural monopolies (infrastructure, transportation, energy, metal working, mining, telecommunications). The most important sectors of the economy known as the commanding heights (in Marxian economics the "commanding heights of the economy" are certain strategically important economic sectors like public utilities, natural resources, and sectors relating to both foreign trade and domestic trade) have remained publicly owned by the government, and they make up at least a third of GDP, some scholars have estimated up to potentially 2/3 of GDP (this reduces the overall costs of production which increases the competitiveness of exports in the manufacturing sector and gives access to foreign currencies, mainly dollars, needed for further capital investment). China has also always maintained state-owned banks, the finance sector has always been socialized. The 4 largest banks on Earth are Chinese state-owned banks, and they have given very favorable loans to develop strategic industries in China. (Japan did something similar - "window guidance policies", a policy instrument used to regulate the supply of credit in an industry or sector, until it changed into neoliberalism.) China did allow foreign direct investment (FDI) but it was tightly regulated to fund productive industries in the real economy, not bubbles of speculation (using joint ventures for technology transfer).




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