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In what way can they challenge China beside using dirty tricks?


1830 British and American ships appeared at Canton, China. The crews forced their way into China, bringing a cargo with them. Cargo on ship: opium.
2024 Chinese ships appear off the shores of the United States and Europe, causing panic among the politicians and car makers. Cargo on ship: EVs.
Similar scenes. The Americans and Europeans should reflect on what they did. They reap what they sowed. Don't blame China. China is not doing anything wrong now, but just to sell EVs with good quality and low cost.


It’s a different mindset. Maybe if the cars were also accompanied by warships that threatened to blow all coastal cuisines up if they don’t buy, they might understand.


I think everyone by now knows which country is currently propping up and building the world versus the shocked, irrelevant jealous jeering spectator.


$9700 ... This should be COMMEMORATED by Environmentalists in the WEST.
This is a BIG step into the end intern combustion and clean the streets.

9700美元 ... 美国西部的环保人士应该对此表示祝贺。

Well done China keep on with the good EV car the whole world's will enjoy the good price and the good quality as well...


It is not just BYD, it is just the entire Chinese EV industry. Tesla is just not competitive in the rain of Chinese car making which is just as innovative but cheaper.


The big 3 forgot how to make an affordable/ reliable car.


Maybe maximizing profits for shateholders is not the best philosophy for running a company over a long period.


I just came back to Europe from Russia and I saw what will inevitably happen in Europe too. Roads full of Chinese cars, mostly ICE.
It's funny how Europe wants to impose tariffs on Chinese EV's. Aren't we still trying to save the planet?
European car industry is dying. EV or ICE. Doesn't matter.


Fact BYD quality is far better that Tesla.


I don’t have 60,000 to 80,000 for a Tesla. It’s good to have competition, we all win if China can flood the market with their EVs. But sadly, the rich will never let that happen.


The US free market loves competition until it comes up to real competition from a foreign country, then its all about "national security" and protecting "freedom"


It's understandable that the US car makers would run away crying. I went to China last year and I was extremely impressed with the vehicles that I saw. I was driven around in a Tesla in Hong Kong , and shortly after that I was driven around in several BYD cars while in mainland China. The BYD vehicles had nicer interiors, superior ride quality, and were great looking outside. I would really like to have a small car like the BYD seagull, or something even smaller from one of its competitors, to use as a second vehicle for city driving.


Chinese bought 1 million EV in 2021, 4 in 2022, 8 in 2023. 30 million EV on the roads by end of 2024, 10 times the US. Besides BYD, China has a dozen more popular EV brands.


In 2011, BYD was a joke. It was BYD's determination to improve. Its wrong to use 2011 hyperbole in 2024.


A year or two ago, Musk said that Tesla and nine Chinese brands would be among the top 10 electric vehicles in the near future. Smart guy, but got the ranking wrong))


I really, REALLY wish I could buy a BYD in America.


We have them by the thousands in Brazil, we never saw a Tesla lol,  that is status cars for Europe and USA only  I thank BYD for saving the middle and poor class.


Huawei already taking a page from BYD and will used vertical integration in their silicon based products.


There are rumors that one of the camera sensors of the newest Huawei Pura 70 ultra was built by BYD. If you stop to think, a company like BYD that produces pratically everything by their own, they need to build their own camera sensors since EV's are becoming smarter each year.

有传言称最新的华为Pura 70 ultra的其中一个摄像头传感器是由比亚迪制造的。如果你静下心来想一想,你会发现像比亚迪这样一家几乎所有产品都是自己生产的公司,它们确实需要自己制造摄像头传感器,因为电动汽车每年都在变得越来越智能。

Another nice vid, Cyrus.
The thing is, the Chinese are brilliant at waiting. If they can't get access to North America then they'll go to South America. And India. And Africa. As well as the whole of Asia. BYD has a much more versatile line up than Tesla, so it will have much better market penetration. And, of course, as it continues to build more cars economies of scale continue to accrue. Eventually, the US tariffs will be completely irrelevant.


Elon‘s arrogant laugh annoys me, who’s laughing now?


he's human after all.
There are so many such characters in the west that often underestimate others.
They can't help it, it's brought on by centuries of colonialism and imperialism, so powerful, and so mighty, they really do think they are god chosen.


BYD's success is drawing the attention (and jealousy) of rival companies, and I'm afraid it's only a matter of time that what's happening to TikTok now is going to happen to BYD.


There are no byd cars in US . There is a byd bus factory in California . I wouldn't be surprised if it got shut down for "national security concern"


China will always be cheaper, more innovative, & more competitive than any other products from other countries. Its in the Chinese genes. Have you seen the latest home products coming online. Jia you China.


Don't Americans support capitalism? Don't be upset when you're being out competed. The big 3 have been propped up for too long. Let them live and die by their own merits and not taxpayer bailouts


Trying to outlaw the new and better competition is and old classic for dying companies. Just how trying to destroy a rising power via war is for a dying empire.


There’s no way that I and millions of other people on Fixed Income or minimum wage can afford an EV.


I would not underestimate the Dynamics of Tesla innovation. Remember it's much more than just an electric car company. That being said I'm very glad Byd is doing so well in the ev market


It’s not only car and batteries, Chinese government built the most massive and advanced power grid, brand new; Chinese highways, bridges and tunnels are brand new, Chinese companies has installed over 4 million chargers all over, and Huawei some 3 million 5G emission towers to enable Internet of Things capabilities and autonomous driving. Imagine soon you can tell your car to go pick up your mother or your kids as if it came with a chauffeur.


Cyrus ... many are not aware that the founder of BYD first became RICH making BATTERIES. Only later he started BYD EVs.


The number of employees at BYD has increased from 100000 a few years ago to 600000 by April 2024, and the total number is still increasing. The number of engineers at BYD has exceeded 100000


first, one small phone force them to show their true evil face and heart, now, a small car is making them shit in their pant, ironic, since, the chip ban did not stop the car, imagine what else that is hidden and will only be shown in the future.


Tesla just announced they were laying off thousands of workers a their Austin and San Francisco plants. Chinese cars in general aren't really available for sale in the US. The only available cars from Asia come from both South Korea and Japan. The average American consumer is really missing out on great cars from China including their new BYD vehicle.


I just went to China and was amazed at the amount of EVs there. Honestly i mostly only heard of BYD but didnt realize how many other companies there are. At the Beijing airport they had a EV on display, cant remember what company, and the tech was amazing. Spacious too. I guess BYD is thr most profitable one and verticall integrated so it gets more coverage.


That's shameful that the American consumer is being denied access to the best products on the global market due to petty jealousy against China. S.Korea is allowed to sell crappy Kia and Hyundai that have premature defects but because it is a USA pawn in the Asia region they get favorable trading partner status.


I have no choice but, to take my hat off and commend the Chinese People, it takes a very strong work ethic, educational values and a sense of duty to ones own country for China to succeed in this extraordinary manner, they did all of this within the past 65 years with much more room for growth MIND BLOWING, GO CHINA!




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