Youtube:中美造船能力 200:1,中国造船产能让美国绝望,美国网友热议在日本和韩国建造军舰之前景

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Youtube:中美造船能力 200:1,中国造船产能让美国绝望,美国网友热议在日本和韩国建造军舰之前景
本文译自Youtube,原标题:China Out Builds the US 200 to 1 in Ships! | So, Why Not Build our Navy in Japan and Korea?


If World War II taught us one thing, it's that shipbuilding capacity is essential. Even in the era of drones, satellites, and long-range missiles, the ability to replace military and commercial ships faster than they are sunk is essential.


These days large enemy shipyards can be located by satellites precisely, if they are not on Google map already. They won't have much time to build ships as in WW2. Cruise missiles, ICBM, drones, precise guidance ammunitions will be landing on those places soon enough.


China has not only the edge on capacity, but also cost due to advantage not in just labor cost, but also logistics. For the cost of one Burke, they can build 2 055s

中国不仅在产能上拥有优势,而且在成本上也拥有优势;不仅在劳动力成本上拥有优势,而且在物流方面也拥有优势,他们可以用生产1艘伯克级驱逐舰的成本建造2艘055 。

This is the story. Why does the mainstream media not pick up this story. I just do not understand how such a critical issue can be overlooked. Bless you for not only raising the issue but continuing to tell the tale.


I think outsourcing in the short term while rebuilding domestic industrial capacity is a good idea. I don't really think we have another way to keep up our numbers in the next 20-30 years, but I'm not really a military expert by any measure lol.


Commercial ships can and will be used to support military logistics. And if history teaches us anything, it's the logistics that wins big wars in the end.


Thank you Sal. The US Navy is a hot mess and I don't think the leadership knows how to fix it! As for the US shipyards they are monopolies with no real competition. If they can charge 3 times as much as they should for ships, deliver late and often with crappy quality then why wouldn't they? Its not like they are real consequences especially that the DoD, department of the Navy and congress have been sleeping at the wheel!


Many years ago I was in the US Navy, if our department didnt spend all the money from last quarter our budget for the next quarter was cut. Rest assured we spent it all.


While this is a legitimate line if inquiry, I will say this: it's hard to reinvigorate your industrial base if the build contracts go overseas.


Looking at recent photo of China People's Liberation Army Navy pushing out two new frigates, side by side, from construction shed was pretty sobering


one of china's shipyards builds more ships than all of the shipyards in the united states


There is a photo showing 5 052D destroyers built all together.


It gets even more sobering when you see how fast they can make the bases and facilities related to shipyards. Took them maybe 3 years tops (concurrent) to add carrier support facilities, update multiple shipyards to make carriers and cruisers, and make new large intel and amphibious ships


Great video! I've always thought that the recent aggressive behavior of the Chinese and Russian navies involving near misses and collisions with the USN is the simple fact that they know how long it will take our ships to get repaired.


The Russians would lose the repair battle every time now. I would recommend checking out the Admiral Kuznetsov Carrier and Kirov battle cruisers. The Chinese on the other hand, that is a very interesting idea


I am a shipwright in the San Francisco bay area. It is so many of us retired, but we were willing to donate our time to Bring back the shipyards, make the Navy strong again. Maintenance is easy, but majority of us know how to build ships to get back to our country.


Korean shipbuilding companies are currently in a great boom. Docks where you can build ships now are full until 2027. And we are suffering from a chronic labor shortage. Korean shipbuilders no longer build low-cost bulk carriers or oil tankers. Only high-value high-tech ships are selected and built. The technology used by Korean shipbuilding companies to build ships is state-of-the-art and uses the latest construction methods. Last year, the latest construction method was used to build the Aegis destroyer, and it holds a world record enough to launch the ship in just 8 months. The dry dock drying method was also developed for the first time by a Korean shipbuilder and made a warship.


If we were to outsource the building of US Navy ships to foreign countries, regardless if they're our allies or not, means whatever remains of the industry here in the United States is never coming back with how inconsistent and wishy-washy our government has been over the past few decades. You cant train or build up that skilled workforce if there's no work available in your country. People don't go to the US for shipbuilding when they got China, South Korea, and Japan who will do it for cheaper.


Sal, Some unbelievable great conversations and thoughtful ideas being posted by your viewers / subscribers on this topic. Now if only the USN could get on the same page with a meaningful way forward from where we are at today.
The thing that's really scary is the prediction of a war with China not to far down the pipeline, that should scare the wilikurs of a few that are in high places knowing that the industry can't turn on a dime like a Metal Shark boat that's being supplied to Ukraine.



US economists have won more Nobel prizes than anybody, whether on the supply side or demand side. I think everyone more or less agrees with the notion of a multiplier effect: when one dollar leaves the economy, the loss hurts disproportionately. Even the mighty US economy can only afford the world's largest DoD budget by producing virtually everything inside the US.


US companies outsourced all their electronics, pharmaceuticals, and appliances manufacturing to China and now they regret it. Military vessels are on a different level.  Outsourcing your navy means you will no longer have an industrial capacity if Japan, South Korea, or whoever is attacked and their shipyards are shut down.  The shipyards in Korea and Japan are easy targets for hypersonics, so it's definitely out of the question.


Outsource it to India. It would be much cheaper and faster. Recently US naval ships have stated getting serviced at our bases. Plus we have surplus trained and skilled manpower working in our Shipbuilding facilities such as LNT, Mazagon Shipbuilders, Garden Reach Shipbuilders

可以外包给印度呀,印度造船更便宜、更快。最近,美国海军舰艇表示将在我们的基地接受维修。此外,我们的造船厂(例如LNT、Mazagon造船厂、Garden Reach造船厂)拥有过剩的训练有素且技术熟练的劳动力。

My dad was a ship builder, very skilled with 40+ years knowledge but struggled to get a decent job in Scotland and not long after he retired the company he worked for went bust. We have lost this skill set in the Western world outsourcing to other countries for cheap labour. Very shortsighted.


The scale of Korean shipyards exceeds that of the United States.
Yes, that's why it seems that Korea is number one in the world in shipbuilding.
Low price, good quality, quick drying.....
what's wrong with America? US Aegis destroyers are more than three times more expensive than South Korean Aegis destroyers with the same performance.
And the problem is that the US has a much longer shipbuilding period.
I do not know. US will perish if you go on like this







Japan is out of the game in ship building which is left with China & S.Korea. Japan is holding a very small percentage in ship building and does not have the heavy equipment like those of China & S.Korea to build very big ships! As a matter of fact China is now the top ship builder in the world take 65% of the global market and still growing!




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