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本文译自Youtube,原标题:ASEAN's first! The Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway, built by China, put into operation

Beautiful! It would be wonderful if we in the Philippines would also have one of those to connect our major cities in the major islands to facilitate the employment of many young people and distribute the population and avoid overcrowding in urban centers. It will also encourage the distribution of businesses throughout the country.

Don't worry bro. Your government is ordering trains made in Indonesia to modernize trains in the Philippines. The next step will definitely be making fast trains.

If only your president Bongbong isn't so busy licking Biden's shoes, you can also have the kind of progress that Indonesia has now.

But, but, but then your president' mother can not
buy another 3,000 pairs of shoes.
But, but, but the Filipinos females can make a lot money
from the 4 US new military bases.

Next Indonesia will build HSR its self there will connect bandung to Surabaya. Thank China for transfer technology to your old brother. Thank you maisin has come to Nusantara million year a go

If japan build indonesia with shinkanzen tech. They would have max speed 600km/h

If japan build it, it wouldn't be finished in the next 10 years even.
Just look at india. They asked japan to build their high speed trains but until today it still doesn't exist.

At 20 bucks a ticket it will take 365 Million Riders just to pay back the Capital Cost of Construction. Then there are Operational and Maintenance Expenses. Most Indonesians cannot afford the 20 USD ticket. The Line will always run at a loss. That 7.3 Billion USD would have been better spent sending 1 Million Indonesians to University to become Nurses and Engineers.
按每张票 20 美元计算,仅偿还建设的资本成本就需要3.65亿人/乘客,这还不包括运营和维护的费用。大多数印尼人买不起20美元的车票,该线路将永远处于亏损状态。这73亿美元本可以更好地用于将100万印尼人送往大学并使其成为护士和工程师。

road, bridge ect cost so much to build  make zero $$,  why build them?

Did you calculate the waste of fuel in our 8 lane toll roads with traffic jam nearly 18 hours per day ?

the traffic jam between these 2 mega cities is costing a waste of USD 2 Billions per year and in Java islands we have huge capacity for renewables energy ( hydro, geothermal, solar, wind and soon ocean waves as well as biomass from 170 million people living in Java island 40 million people ( mid to high income earners) , can afford 20 USD per trip

I am disappointed with this project, because this fast train does not reach Bandung city center and that is very disappointing. the project also incurred huge debts. PLEASE do not be overproud to this project.

@wongapak8432  susah pembebasan lahannya bro kan pusat kota bandung udah dipenuh perumahan sedangkan kalau stasiun Bandung itu memang udah ada dari zaman Belanda yang emang zaman itu masih banyak hutan


本文译自Youtube,原标题:Mega World: Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Rail

I'm glad and proud as Indonesian that now we have KERETA CEPAT [ HSR ]
Hopefully as soon the government will realize to extend the HSR to another city in Indonesia as possible
作为印尼人,我很高兴也很自豪,因为现在我们有了KERETA CEPAT [高铁] 了。

One day, Indonesia's high speed rail will link to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China via undersea tunnels from Java to Sumatra to Riau Islands then to Singapore ....may even link all the way to Bali.... the sea separation between UK to France is much wider than the Singapore Strait and Eurostar has been in operation for many years....nothing is impossible

Yes, connecting all ASEAN together. Stronger ASEAN, more able to face the pressure from imperialist murican and its imf stooge

@gagassurya19 Sooner than you think....ASEAN trade with China has rising from US$20 billion in 2000 to more than US$900 billion now and economy in ASEAN will exceed EU in 20 years.... Century of Asia has arrived

@capekhidup2112 tong belajar apa itu GDP PPP ( kemampuan beli masyarakat ) kita itu udah USD 4.5 Trilyun ( No 7 di Dunia) diatas Perancis, UK, Italia Dan Spain , Korsel juga dam tentunya ASEAN atau setara usd 11,500 per capita

GDP PPP ASEAN in 2023 is higher than India ( with less than half of India population ( no 4 in the world after China, USA, EU ) by 2045 it will be China, India, USA , ASEAN and EU 6:14

When the US visits a country in Asia, Africa or South America, I automatically assume in their thinking: "How are we going to convince those countries to sacrifice themselves and beat China FOR ME?" ���

I can't think a better words of western hipocrisy than this, good thinking

Meskipun china banyak dibilang negara yang curang, tetapi tetap saja lebih merasa dekat dengan cina, dari kesamaan fisik,budaya,dan makanan tidak asing.

yang bilang curang itu cuma orang yg ga tau China yang sebenarnya kyk gimana, atau media barat yang sengaja mencemarkan nama China. Yang pernah/sering ke China tau nyata negara itu seperti apa.

Sejarah jg, sejak jaman Majapahit byk kerajaan di di negri ini sdh brdagang dgn bnyk kerajaan di China

Snake like design of bullet train and a minimum airflow resistance (a good aerodynamics)  around train makes train high speed possible.Japan has also made such like trains, east nation think like same. good work.



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