华为Mate 60 VS iphone 15:在华为遭遇长达3年的技术封锁下,iphone竟无明显优势 | 即便面临重重困难,华为也在创新,而苹果一直在挤牙膏

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华为Mate 60 VS iphone 15:在华为遭遇长达3年的技术封锁下,iphone竟无明显优势 即便面临重重困难,华为也在创新,而苹果一直在挤牙膏


油管热议华为Mate 60 VS iphone 15:即便面临重重困难,华为也在创新,而苹果一直在挤牙膏
本文译自Youtube,原标题:iPhone 15 Pro Max VS Huawei Mate 60 Pro Plus

Confuse them with your silence, and shock them with your results.


Well said.. hats off to huawei.. a big slap on America ������


I'm assuming the satellite phone inclusion will do massive damage to a market saturated by over priced and primarily US made sat hand pieces. Kudos to Huawei. Let's look forward to a substantial 8ncrease in wager production so us in Europe can also buy one.

我认为卫星手机的加入将对价格过高且主要由美国制造的饱和的卫星电话市场造成巨大的损害。向华为致敬。让我们期待华为的产量能大幅增加 8 倍,这样我们欧洲人也能买到了。

Excellent product. Huawei is a reputable global telco. It will continue to progress innovate to be self reliance self sufficient and be free from colonial imperial bondage. In principle will replace any phones will a Huawei. Well done Huawei total support


This is not a cheap Chinese good. This is up there with the top expensive good. This is luxury piece of gear. It's capable and the satellite capability stand out for hikers with no cell signal. Huawei does include excellent camera and this phone does just that.


How could the have been so naive to think that sanctions would do anything but help China develope same and better technology domestically.


Nobody is shocked. We had 5G phones long ago.

没人会感到震惊,我们早就有 5G 手机了。

Ya. 5G is old news as Huawei perfected 5G long ago. What is new is Satellite calling which is reallig shocking as this service is only available on satellite phones which are really expensive.

没错。5G 已经是旧闻了,因为华为很早以前就完善了5G。新的功能是卫星通话,这确实令人震惊,因为这项服务以前只在非常昂贵的卫星电话上提供。

The satellite connection is a very important feature and I am sure Huawei ensures that it works only for Beidou satellites. Apple and Samsung could also incorporate satellite connections in their phones but can the less capable GPS, Glonass and Galileo do their jobs properly? Doubt so.

卫星连接是一项非常重要的功能,我相信华为会确保它只适用于北斗卫星。虽然苹果和三星也可以在它们的手机中加入卫星通信功能,但功能较弱的 GPS、Glonass 和 Galileo 卫星能正常工作吗?我对此表示怀疑。

The best movies had the least trailers. The worst ones had amazing trailers and then when I saw the movie it usually sucks because all the funny parts were in the trailer.
Huawei did a great job opening silently



the zoom feature can be implement to iPhone but Apple prefer not to do it which lead some of theirs customers to switch. very nice innovation Huawei keep it up


Using a Huawei mate 20 that is working fine after 5 years. Will gladly upgrade to Mate 60 pro if they release it outside China.

我用的是华为 Mate 20,5年了,依然运行良好。如果 Mate 60 pro 在中国境外发布,我会很乐意升级。

Huawei mate60 satellite calling feature is really amazing. I really want to own him, he's perfect for people like me who love to travel and explore in the wild!

华为Mate 60 的卫星通信功能真是太棒了。我真的很想拥有它,它非常适合像我这样喜欢旅行和野外探险的人!


油管热议华为Mate 60 VS iphone 15:即便面临重重困难,华为也在创新,而苹果一直在挤牙膏
本文译自Youtube,原标题:iPhone 15 Pro Max VS Huawei Mate 60 Pro Plus

Huawei NearLink with 6x Bluetooth speed and 4096 links also supports satellite phone call. you didn't mention it

华为的星闪功能具有 6 倍蓝牙的速度和 4096 个链接数量,它还支持呼叫卫星电话。

After watching this video I don't understand why there is so much hate towards Apple if it clearly has very high quality cell phones.


It's not hate. It's just not a fair play. Huawei is way better.


US play Tonya Harding on Huawei when iPhone seems to be replaced its 2nd position. Then comes all the lies and fabrication about Huawei - US style ���

当 iPhone 几乎要被华为取代老二的位置时,美国对华为玩起了Tonya Harding的把戏(译注:Tonya Harding原本是美国的花滑女王,但在一场比赛前涉嫌打断对手的腿,内情各执一词就不展开了),然后是所有对华为的谎言和捏造的信息--美国式的 [笑哭]。

People often make purchasing decisions based on their budget and what they consider the best value for their money. By comparing the actual prices of different phones, consumers can make informed choices that align with their financial priorities.Many individuals prioritize having a functional phone that meets their basic needs over having the latest and fastest model, which often comes at a higher price.


Apple has been too focused on the smallest upgrades and new phones every year. No wonder this phone completely wipes out the Iphone 15.

苹果一直以来都太专注于最小化的升级和每年的新手机,所以难怪这款手机会彻底碾压 iphone 15。

and huawei did their innovation even in hard situation.


Mate 60 pro and pro+ = satelite voice call+satelite messenger      
iPhone 15 USB-C ? really?

Mate 60 pro 和 pro+ = 卫星语音通话+卫星短信      

iPhone 15= USB-C?你是认真的吗?

All the major items as power, satellite and camera, Huawei rubs Apple on the ground. LOL


With all méthodes to kill huawei by usa and their alliance, huawei can survive and build a phone with this quality, its unique in the World.


I didn't expect the iPhone to be the one sanctioned by the United States. A major update for so many years is a Type-C interface.


feel that Apple is the company that has been sanctioned.


How come did not compare function. Such as Satellite function.  Oh because I phone do not have lot of function. Only increase the camera and the cover


Comparing chip speed, memory and storage are boring. That is not the reason I want the phone. I want the phone because of the new features or functions I want and usefulness. They should compare that.


won't buy made in india iphone. don't trust india quality. numerous failures country wide from trains, aircraft carrier etc .


Nobody hates Apple, people just like better phone. What is wrong with that?


Haha... Only by understanding the functions of Huawei's new cell phone can you know what a truly very high-quality cell phone is. ������

哈哈... 只有了解了华为新手机的功能,你才能知道什么是真正的极品手机。[笑哭][笑哭]


油管热议华为Mate 60 VS iphone 15:在华为遭遇长达3年的技术封锁下,iphone竟无明显优势
本文译自Youtube,原标题:iPhone 15 Pro Max Vs Huawei Mate 60 Pro Plus Comparison

Huawei phone also has satellite calling which is the biggest selling point that you did not mention.


Huawei mate 60 can make satellite phone calls where there's no signal.


I'm laughing to death. Apple has been squeezing toothpaste without innovation


Iphone now look Like android phones using type c.

iPhone 现在看起来就像配备了 Type C接口的安卓手机。[笑哭]

Huawei is only better in ram/camera/charging/battery/speed/range and pricing while Iphone only have higher tech in chip with no other obvious advantage over his competitor after long 3years of technology handicap by Huawei... hrmmm...

华为只在内存/摄像头/充电/电池/速度/续航和定价方面更胜一筹,而 iphone 只在芯片方面拥有更高的技术。在华为遭遇长达3年的技术封锁下,iphone与竞争对手相比没有其他明显的优势...嗯...

Apple 15 should sell at lower price especially for loyal customers because it has no changes or innovation.

iphone 15应该降价销售(尤其对忠实用户),因为它没有任何改变或创新。

Iphone 15 pro tends to overexpose and lose some details as compared to Huawei mate 60 pro

和华为Mate 60 pro相比,iphone 15 pro的相机往往会曝光过度并丢失一些细节。

Both seem to be pretty good. Not knowing the real objects, it's difficult to claim who's better, though I do feel iPhone color is warmer(more yellow) while Huawei is colder(more blue), consistent with their own traditions. One good fair comparison would be a moon shot, which is very difficult yet we all know or can look up what a good one should look like. I have been very much impressed by huawei's mate 60 pro+ with its 100x zoom. Even its 30x zoom shot moon beats iphone14 pro hands down. I doubt the upcoming 15pro will ever get close to mate pro+ on that regard at least.

两者看起来都不错。在不了解实物的情况下,很难说哪个更好,但我确实感觉 iPhone 相机的颜色偏暖(更黄),而华为偏冷(更蓝),这与它们自己的传统是相符的。一个很好的公平比较是拍摄月球,虽然这很难,但我们都知道或可以查到好的月球摄影是什么样子。华为 Mate 60 pro+ 的 100 倍变焦给我留下了深刻的印象,即使是 30 倍变焦拍摄的月球也比 iphone 14 pro 强多了。我怀疑即将推出的iphone 15 pro 至少在这方面无法与 Mate 60 pro+ 相提并论。

Some shots apple I preferred but generally Huawei captures more detail


omg. huawei is back, I wanna cry. Apple's unfair competition is over.


Apple 15 should be discounted for loyal customers. No innovation, just standard upgrade. Otherwise an iPhone 13 or 14 should be fine. Not necessary to buy new.

苹果 15 应该为忠实客户提供折扣,因为它们没有创新,只有标准化的升级。否则,iPhone 13 或 14 应该就已经很好了,没有必要买新的。

Type c is included. So there's innovation ���

iphone 15包含了Type C接口,这就是创新。[笑哭]

Vídeo ��� top ������músicas vibrantes... agora quanto aos dois ✌��� smartphones���em termos de câmeras, e olhando pelos vídeos gravados e fotos ���... na minha humilde opinião esteve equilibrado, tanto o iPhone 15 Pro Max e Huawei Mate 60 Pro + (plus) se saíram muito bem... Parabéns ��� as duas ✌��� marcas, se bem que eu particularmente sou usuário ��� da Xiaomi 

视频做得很棒,音乐充满活力...现在就这两款智能手机的相机而言,看看录制的视频和拍摄的照片...以我的拙见,iPhone 15 Pro Max 和华为 Mate 60 Pro + 平分秋色,它们都表现得非常棒......祝贺这两个品牌(虽然我个人是小米的用户)。



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