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本文译自Youtube,原标题:Japan is very angry! China Indonesia high speed railway is completed, why not India?



I bet, with the cooperation of China, the extension of Jakarta-Bandung line will be completed before the Mumbai-Ahmedabad one in India.


Indians keep talking about land acquisition issues in India as if Indonesia doesn't have the same. Indonesia is a full democracy with much land in private hands


The western forgot about Great Wall of China built in 771 BCE lasting for 2800 years and Borobudur of Indonesia built in 778 AD lasting for 1200 years. The ancient Asia's advanced technology.

西方人忘记了建于公元前 771 年、历时 2800 年的中国长城,忘记了建于公元 778 年、历时 1200 年的印度尼西亚婆罗浮屠,这些都是古代亚洲的先进技术。

Indonesia definitely make good decisions to choose China as China have good record of completing its undertaking high speed rail all this while. China have the expertise, experience, knowledge, technology, the equipments, the manpower and the money to complete its contracts ahead of their scheduled. China have more than 40K km of high speed rail experience that no country in this world have. Bravos China and Indonesia ������������ As for the Philippines, it’s better China didn’t offer their services to them as they have very2 bad intentions towards China and they have invited their master US to have another 4 military bases in their country to counter and provoke China. So it’s best China stopped all their investment, projects and contracts in this country. There are many other countries in Asia that China can offer their services.

印尼选择中国无疑是明智的决定,因为中国一直以来在完成其高速铁路项目方面有着良好的记录。中国拥有提前完成合同的专业技能、经验、知识、技术、设备、人力和资金。中国拥有建成超过 4 万公里高速铁路的经验,这是世界上任何国家都不具备的。中国和印尼干得好!!至于菲律宾,中国最好不要向它们提供服务,因为它们对中国怀有非常恶劣的意图,它们还邀请它们的主子美国在它们的国家再建 4 个军事基地以对抗和挑衅中国。因此,中国最好停止在该国的所有投资、项目和合同。中国可以为亚洲其他许多国家提供服务。

Don't forget to add in LAOS with INDONESIA among our ASEAN peers who also had a finishing rail link ahead of India. So basically it is a double whammy for India not being productive and decision wise.


Choosing the wrong partner in a major project can be a big headache. China has successfully built high speed railways all over China. This should be something, prospective clients need to consider.


China has 14 years of experience building hsr and 10 times more than any country in the world,anyone who thinks they can compete is out of their minds.


To be honest, Japan is a dying country due to aging population. Think twice before making deals with Japan as it could collapse anytime.


A connected ASEAN with China is way more strategically significant for China than the revenues of the project itself. So I can understand why they accept even to transfer technology.


The reason why China is willing to transfer high-speed rail technology is that China's technology has been improving, and what is transferred is mature technology, but it is never the latest, so China people will not worry about being surpassed.


Personally, I do not think that Indonesia will be able to rise above China in rail technology and become a competitor to Chinese rail industry. China's becoming a rail giant is not a small feat. This is a miracle which no other country in this world is able to duplicate (not even the United States). It is safe for China to transfer its rail technology to Indonesia.


We do not have vision to compete with any East Asian/West European countries' rail technology. All we want is to meet domestic demand and sell our trains to any other developing nations (particularly Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as South and Southeast Asia).


China is the only country in the world that has the most complete natural landforms and weather at the same time. Just meeting domestic demand has already raised the experience value to the maximum.
This alone is enough to China won't making mistakes when contracting foreign railway projects. if you want build it by own or export it, even the technology is transferred to you, without rich experience the result still be a mess. not to mention that after decades of development of high-speed rail, only China, Germany, Japan have been able to export it to foreign countries.



China has soared passed the yesterday leaders of technology and people are continuing to count on either USA or Japan, they been relaxing for a decade thinking their technology can never be defeated. China has soared above any innovation and technology in any manner of field.  Well done China.  There are some values the world must learn...Hardwork, Perseverance, Persistence, Faithfulness, long suffering, endurance, and love.  These are in fact God's attributes.


Indonesia is smart to choose china to build their railway... It is clear that china is way ahead of Japan now in construction of such infrastructure. Why did India choose Japan?

印尼选择中国修建铁路是明智之举... 很明显,中国在此类基础设施的建设方面远远领先于日本。印度为什么会选择日本?

Indian nationalism is on the rise and they see China as their rival, not Japan.
They didn't want to embarrass themselves tbh.


Good to hear that India is lagging behind for the reasons I have known that support my predictions. Bravo to China and Indonesia. And to the Philippines...make up your mind. Only strongly minded nations will surface up to victory....this is 2023. Western inclinations doesn't work anymore and stop "thinking" western. You're not even solving all your own problems through years of western influence formulas. The race is on


India always learns the hard way!
But they don’t take a lesson from them!
Corrupt government and greedy politicians ensure disruption of the country’s progress!
That’s why India will always remain in the same state as it is now!


the problem is not Japan's fault, Japan's construction of subway trains in Indonesia has been completed quickly, the trains made in Japan and China are very good quality, East and Southeast Asian people want to build on earth but Indians want to build in outer space, they are not enthusiastic about building HSR


Let Japan take the job to build speed rail for Philippines since Philippines wants Japan to build it.���������Maybe Japan can build more than 10 km for Philippine as it did to India!

也许日本可以为菲律宾修建超过 10 公里的铁路,就像它为印度修建的那样!

@user-ob7ln5vi6j  Didn't you listen to the video? China is tops when it comes to High Speed Rail, they hae been building so much that they have become efficient and fast in doing it. In just about 15 years, they built so much that they have over 3/4 of the total world HSR in length. In 2007, the chinese and california just about started building their HSR at the same time and now at 2023 the chinese have over 42,000 km of rail while california HSR still have to lay a kilometer of tack.
The Filipinos are too much a lapdog of the US that it can't decide what's good for itself. They have always been afraid of the china "yellow peril" that is primarily imbibed from the american's constant propaganda against China. the Philippines will choose to spend twice or thrice the cost of a High Speed Rail before it will give it to China for construction.

你没看视频吗?说到高铁,中国是最棒的,因为他们一直在建造大量的高铁,以至于在建造过程中变得高效、快速。在短短的 15 年左右的时间里,他们修建的高铁长度已经超过世界高铁总长度的 3/4。2007 年,中国和加州差不多同时开始修建高铁,到 2023 年,中国的高铁里程已超过 42000 公里,而加州的高铁还未铺设一公里的路面。


The message is simple japan could bombed pearl harbour but they never be able to defeat usa, it is the same with japan could invaded china but they never conquered because Japan and China is not at the same level.


China wanted indonesia market so china needs to transfer tech to indonesia, its the same with tesla, apple, nike etc who operate in china and access to china's market the west will need to transfer tech etc to china, win win co operation and thats why tesla success and tesla is number one ev leader ouside of china if its not working with china.


Tesla's company in China operates independently and has not transferred any technology to China.


lol... oh man delayed! who is making this hardship decision, sorry, India, go with a country that can deliver... stop sticking with an old best friend that cant deliver. the philippines will make mistakes like India if they don't go with china. save your headache, frustration, and time because time is money, just go with china, unless you are playing politics. laos is done, and Indonesia is done.





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