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The world's largest EV maker BYD took the stage today to announce its new e⁴ quad-motor platform for performance vehicles, the first of which - a big 5-meter electric offroad SUV, and a fast hypercar - will be launched under the newly minted Yangwang brand. Unlike AWD solutions on gas-powered cars, the e⁴ platform allows for independent adjustments of the torque and vectoring of each wheel down to the millisecond timeframe, thus increasing stability, grip, and offroad capabilities.
The Yangwang U8 SUV demonstrated that when it came onto the stage in a crabwalk manner, while in the case of a tire explosion, the three remaining wheels can adjust their torque multiple times per second until the vehicle stops safely. Given the dearth of truly off-road electric SUVs, the U8 could very well become a unique proposition with its 18 feet long body that can still turn on a dime thanks to the independent torque vectoring of the wheel motors. The BYD SUV will be available first at a price equivalent of US$145,000.
全球最大的电动汽车制造商比亚迪今天发布了其用于高性能车辆的全新易四方四电机平台,其中第一款 - 一款大型的 5 米电动越野 SUV 和一款超级跑车 - 将在新创立的仰望品牌下推出。与汽油动力汽车上的全时四驱解决方案不同,易四方平台允许独立调整每个车轮的扭矩和矢量并精确到毫秒,从而提高车辆的稳定性、抓地力和越野能力。
仰望U8 SUV展示了它以螃蟹步的方式登场,在爆胎的情况下,剩下的三个车轮可以每秒多次调整扭矩,直到车辆安全停下。鉴于缺乏真正的越野电动 SUV,U8 很可能成为一个独特的存在。由于轮毂电机独立的扭矩矢量控制,其 18 英尺长的车身仍然可以快速转动。比亚迪 SUV 将率先上市,价格为 145,000 美元。


A revolutionary product. If it was American, it would be hyped up to the moon


Stunning. Most innovative revolutionary product, well done BYD


America : "We need to sanction this car for security reason ."
Europe : " We will ban this vehicle for human rights violation "
Australia :" We need to ban this car to protect our democratic values."
Indian : " Copy and paste. They steal our technology "


OMG, what an amazing car and technology is !!!
180 degrees for turning around; Lateral running;
120km/h running, and wheel blow-out and the car still runs stable;
running in the river
running in the desert


1100 HP. Amphibious. Pivot steering. It can still run at 120 km/h even if two wheels are broken. BYD is making a tank instead of an SUV! Elon Musk must feel pressured now. BYD U8 has no competitor in the following three years.


From Chinese media, basic specs of Yangwang U8 EV: 5300mm x 3050mm, blade battery, 1100HP, 0~100km/h in 3 seconds, four wheel motor (output 220~240KW each, 320~420 Newton meter each),  360 rotation, IP68 in-water floating mode, 120km/h safe drive with one sudden flat tyre, etc.

据中国媒体报道,仰望U8电动车的基本规格为:尺寸-5300mm x 3050mm,搭载刀片电池,1100马力,百公里加速在3秒内,四轮电机(每台输出功率为220~240KW,320~420牛米),360度旋转,水上行驶模式下防护等级为IP68,轮胎突然爆胎时可以以120km/h的速度安全行驶等。

I saw a clip of U8 tests climbing a dirt ramp, at first it failed due to bump, but then U8 just stopped and adjust its suspension, drove over the ramp slowly and elegantly, so there are much spec info is not released yet. Additionally, BYD co-worked with DJI for U8, the car roof is able to deploy a drone to scout landscape for driver, this luxury beast is definitely a big toy specialized off-road. About precisive traction control, I guess the daily driving in city would feel smooth, turning radius is smaller compared to Merc B G, landrover, etc, so does the handling.
It is a powerful beast that can dance ballet.

我看过一段U8测试的片段,它爬上了一个泥土斜坡,一开始由于颠簸失败了,但后来U8停下来调整了悬架,然后就缓慢而优雅地驶过了斜坡,所以还有很多信息尚未发布。此外,比亚迪还与大疆进行了合作,U8的车顶可以搭载为驾驶员侦察地形的无人机,这只豪华野兽绝对是一款专业越野的大玩具。关于精准的牵引力控制,我想日常在城市里驾驶会感觉很顺畅,转弯半径比Merc BG,路虎等更小,操控性也是如此。

I think the brand name will not be such a huge problem. People find brand like Huawei and Xiaomi hard to pronounce when they first started internationally. Now they say it like as if it's a normal word


pretty sure the name yangwang would only be used in China, just as BYD in China is BiYaDi, but Build Your Dreams outside China, also the dynasty series like Tang, named ATTO 3 outside china

仰望这个名字肯定只会在中国使用,就像比亚迪在中国的名字叫比亚迪但在中国以外是Build Your Dreams一样。比亚迪也有像“唐”这样的王朝系列在中国以外被命名为ATTO 3的先例(译注:是“元”在国外被命名为ATTO 3)。

THIS is the most badass SUV I’ve ever seen. Please bring it to US ASAP!!!


The U.S. government may ban imports by defining it as a potential threat to national security


A 1000-horse-power tank uses four motors at the wheel and an intelligent control system.


can't see any other car can beat this one. it brings cars to another level. the out put power is enough to drive a battle tank running at 60 KM/H. .


the Chinese 99A main battle tank has 1500 horse power, the Yangwang U8 has 1100, AND its amphibious, bet it is now under the navy procurement list


The car logo is based on the ancient Chinese oracle bone script "electricity". China welcomes friends from all over the world to travel to China


The only thing this car lacks is bullet proof.


BYD: one more thing, the 2024 model will have bulletproof…


I bet this is the one that US Army demands for their battles.


With looks like a tank, Trump would put this thing on a military sanction list in a heart beat, if he ever gets reelected.


Prototype is very easy to make but the biggest problem is mass production remains to be seen...


these are production models, not concept or prototype


BYD has proven they can mass produce. They have a wide range of vehicles and make more electric vehicles than anyone else.


BYD has ramped its production from 400,000 cars in 2020, to 750,000 cars in 2021, to 1.8 million cars in 2022, and is claiming they aim to build 3.5 to 4 million cars in 2023. So yeah, they are not going to have trouble mass producing cars anytime soon.


Hollywood should make the next 007 movie with this car


A revolution both technical and commercial. This luxury version's estimated price is about 140000 dollars. But I'm very sure that BYD will generalize this quad-motor EV drivetrain technology in its cheaper version vehicles very soon. BYD is one of the top lithium battery producer, and european automobile companies recognized that chinese electronic car's unit product cost is at least 10000 dollars lower than theirs.


Nobody in the English, French, Genrman, Spanish, Greek, Italian…. Nobody outside of China is going to buy anything called a ‘YangWang’. In the ‘80s and early ‘90s there was a computer company called ‘Wang industries’ which went out of business. It would be better to call this car ‘Jonathan’ in my opinion.

在英语、法语、德语、西班牙语、希腊语、意大利语中没有人…在中国以外的不会有人购买任何名叫“YangWang”的东西。在上世纪80年代和90年代初,有一家名为“Wang industries”(译注:应该是王安电脑)的电脑公司倒闭了。在我看来,最好把这辆车叫做“Jonathan”。

Is that like nobodies going to buy Yamaha or Suzuki or Nintendo or Hyundai or Ssangyong? I could go on, but you get the idea.


The problem is, now we're naming in Chinese! So don't take your language and give your opinion. Because the world is not the same anymore. It's not that the Chinese don't take criticism. It's rather that you take the perspective that English pronunciation is the same as the world norm to look at any issue. It is disrespectful. Understand?
Now Chinese technology has built it out. We name it in Chinese and it's what we say it is. If you're not happy with that, tomorrow you build one in your own garage and The Chinese are well brought up and don't dictate the names you give to your things.face-red-heart-shapeface-red-heart-shapeface-red-heart-shape

问题是,现在我们是用中文命名的! 所以不要拿你的语言来发表你的意见。因为现在的世界已经不一样了。不是说中国人不接受批评。而是你拿英语发音和世界规范一样的角度来看待任何问题。这是不尊重人的行为。明白了吗?


The narration of your video totally missed the most important and revolutionary features of this car which can spin on the spot to change the car's direction as well as drive sideways to parallel park (not shown in the video), completely simplifying the way a car moves in all situations, distinguishing itself from traditional vehicles, in addition to being able to drive in water.





@zhxf3268 麦克纳姆轮并不是蟹行的关键,如果能实现四轮独立驱动就能横向移动,麦轮只是减少了轮胎的摩擦。




@richardfortier226  装了麦轮才能横向行驶,这个轮胎是特殊结构的,现实中无法使用这样的轮胎,但也很了不起了,目前无人能做到这么大的越野车用麦轮横向行驶,比亚迪没有说仰望u8可以横向行驶,他们这么做的目的只是展示自家轮边电机的控制能力是目前无可匹敌的。


@user-fq8kf1bf6m  侧向行驶这个功能,比亚迪好像没有说是用麦轮实现的,只看到一些up主说是麦轮,但实际情况还是看之后的媒体测评。

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