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本文译自Youtube,原标题:Apple Collapses In China As Huawei Becomes The Best Seller With Biggest Market Share


Even after H&M, Adidas, Dell and Micron, Apple still refuses to learn from other's mistakes. Blessing for Huawei and Chinese mobile phones.


I am an oversea Chinese, from South east asia. I stopped using iphone 6 years ago, switching to Huawei. Now if an oversea Chinese see fit to drop apple, i hope the Chinese in PRC should be patriotic enough to drop apple too. I drop apple because i don't like the way USA treat other countries, especially China. Cheers to Huawei.


As a Pakistani, I myself using HUAWEI for past 5 years as well as most members of family & I can vouch that Pakistanis prefer to buy Huawei, not just for the sake of mobile but also to support China ❤❤


I have never owned an Apple phone and would not use one if it was offered to me for free. As a British person of Caribbean heritage I do not want to support American or European tech companies. I was born and raised in the UK but have also lived in the USA. Both countries are deeply racist and are currently trying to demonise China because they resent China's growing power and influence.


Chinese consumers should be patriotic by not buying import phones made in other countries to which the foreign companies had moved their factories!There should be punitive economic consequences for moving factories to other countries!


The issue is not really political
1) Because of the ban of high end chip, Huawei had been absent from the China hi end market for 4 years, giving Apple the sole player status
2) China did nothing to hinder Apple while Meng Wanzhou was kidnapped in Canada, a very noble gesture.
3) iPhones do not often offer break through features from one series to another,
4) The latest count of iPhone15 is Chinese content only takes up 2.5% of the entire phone. So how does Apple synchonise 2 opposing strategies, one is to focus more on the world's largest smart phone market, the second is to diversify sourcing away from the same country.
5) Apple should have better control on Terry Gao's (Foxconn) sometimes unsavory comments regarding China.



2) 当孟晚舟在加拿大被绑架时,中国没有采取任何阻碍苹果的措施,这是一个非常高尚的姿态。


4)iPhone 15的最新数据显示中国零部件只占整部手机的2.5%。那么,苹果公司要如何将两个对立的战略(即一是更加专注于世界上最大的智能手机市场,二是将采购从同一个国家分散到其他国家)结合起来呢?

5) 苹果公司应该更好地控制郭台铭(富士康)偶尔对中国发表的令人不快的言论。

I am from Malaysia and using Huawei phone which is just as good if not better than iPhone. I therefore wonder why the Chinese are not supporting their own homegrown quality phones.


Because mainland chinese like foreign brands to show off- lack of exposure to racism and discrimination outside of china- this is evolving as more of them went abroad


When US politicians without real business experiences dictate US big business future, the failure of US big businesses is inevitable.
Afterall, US politicians are never responsible for US businesses adopting US political line losing money.



The loss of the Chinese market to Huawei will reduce its profits and sales. Huawei will actually benefit from this as it allows its Harmony OS to gain market share from Android. Android is basically spyware and one reason I wont use it.


Me too. I started using Huawei hp cos I felt that d UAss is such a bully to try to stamp out a company that on its own merit became great. Besides, it really is an excellent product.


China is also struggling with rising unemployment, housing market crisis, debt crisis and a recession. Many chinese people are suffering and seeing their economic fortunes not be upwardly mobile like their parents in the 80s. We have it hard too in the US. Apple as a company hasn't innovated beyond getting new phone models and its neglected its Apple computers while having an expensive hobby in apple tv. Hard times globally are going to force Apple to either reduce its large premium margins for products or lose market share/sales.


My friends in Malaysia and Indonesia is still waiting for the Huawei Mate 60 pro. When can the HuaWei Mate 60 Pro reach here. Still waiting , hope HuaWei increases the output faster.

我在马来西亚和印度尼西亚的朋友还在等待华为的Mate 60 pro。华Mate 60 Pro什么时候能到这里?我们还在等待,希望华为能更快地提高产量。

I will upgrade all my iPhones to Huawei very soon. I am an Asian man who grew up in America and has been discriminated against since day one. ���


But still some chinese buying apple iphone some say is superior  to have an iPhone  but slowly getting leave now cause too expensive  while you can get huawei much better
Unfortunately we cant get huawei   phone i. AUST due to not use google



I strongly share the same feelings as the above . I have travelled all over the world but have never been to JAPAN ??? .but feel disgusted with boneless mainland Chinese as their favourite destination is this Evil Country


Although I do not like US, your data is wrong and unreliable base on the actual report below:
What is the top selling phone in China 2023?
Smartphone market share in China 2023, by leading model
In July 2023, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max had a market share of four percent in China. It was the most popular smartphone model in the country, followed by the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the OPPO A58.




2023年7月,苹果iPhone 14 Pro Max在中国的市场份额为4%,它是中国最受欢迎的智能手机机型,其次是iPhone 14 Pro Max和OPPO A58。



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