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本文译自Youtube,原标题:BIG SHOCK !! China's Fastest "Bullet Train" Completed near Indian Border ���

China’s 1st high-speed Bullet train in Himalayan region reaches close to Indian border in Tibet!
Article:- https://www.financialexpress.com/infr...
The inauguration of 435.5 km long section Lhasa-Nyingchi of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway has been done ahead of the centenary celebrations of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) on July 1.
The inauguration of 435.5 km long section Lhasa-Nyingchi of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway has been done ahead of the centenary celebrations of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) on July 1, a PTI report said. On Friday morning, the electrified railway in Tibet Autonomous Region opened for the first time, linking Lhasa with Nyingchi as on the Himalayan plateau region, “Fuxing” bullet trains enter official operation. The news was reported by state-run Xinhua news agency.

Article:- https://www.financialexpress.com/infr..


kamal singh
This shows us a mirror that how truly fast they are?


Raj Biswas
They don't have that petty politics like us,,, also being a dictatorial regime china will do whatever it likes without any opposition.


We should accept japan and US investment in Arunachal Pradesh .


venkata dharneesh
 @Golla Ramesh chandra  ya we should accept that we dont have bullet train complete technology,even Mumbai Ahmedabad bullet train is doubtful

@Golla Ramesh chandra 我们应该接受我们没有有关子弹头列车的完整技术,甚至孟买-艾哈迈达巴德高速铁路的前景也不明朗。

Ng Yee Tat
Lol. As if the US have money to invest. 28 trillion debt. They need money for their own infrastructure


Steven C.
We have almost no bullet trains in the US and the ones we have run about half as China's.
What are we going to do, build Amtrak in Arunachal Pradesh?
Build Amtrak in India while we have almost none of it here?
Only Japan in the G7 can realistically help India and it is more important to connect your big cities first.
Indians should learn to build bullet trains themselves like how the Chinese have, you will always be a shadow to China if you keep relying on foreign powers to build your bullet trains while the Chinese have done things themselves.
It would probably be better to let the Chinese train Indians to build bullet train.












Vedant meshram
We not have to import other companies and countries to India  we have to manufacture are own


Sayel Paul
 @venkata dharneesh  bruh money is not the problem. Land acquisition is the main problem.

@venkata dharneesh 钱不是问题,土地征用是主要的问题。

Post a hundred comments, but only one can show !
China has never prevented any foreign investment in southern Tibet. However, it is resolutely not recognized that southern Tibet is an Indian territory (of course only verbally protest)



mallanath mukherjee
brother , at first we have to devolop our own bullet train technology for fast construction , we are dependent on japan , we have to develop our own technology like china,s fuxing hao , china also manufacture its bullet trains rolling stocks by this technology , we have to devolop it soon !


Even china have taken help from Japan several other countries then they started


 @TRICK WORLD  this is reverse engineering of German bullet train

@TRICK WORLD 这是对德国子弹头列车的逆向工程。

mallanath mukherjee
 @TRICK WORLD  yes , but fuxing hao is their own devoloped technology ! we have to do like this with the help of our IITs

@TRICK WORLD 是的,但“复兴号”是中国自己开发的技术!我们必须借助我们的印度理工学院(IIT)来做这件事。

Arpan De
we may hate china but it's a hard-hitting truth that they are better than us in almost every aspect of economic development, you name it china beats everyone


Thier is nothing to hate about Chinese people just their government is trouble for neighbors


Arpan De
 @Rohit  that is what i'm saying we hate xi and his team but they do much better planning and work than any other govt of the world even modiji and his team could never match because "India is a democracy"

@Rohit 我说的是我们讨厌XI和他的团队,但是他们比世界上任何一个政府的计划和工作都要好得多,即使是莫迪和他的团队也无法与之相比,因为“印度是民*主国家”。

Vijay Rangarajan Ramakrishnan
Competition is good in a way...Because your neighbor is developing fast...we are compelled to catch up


And We're still stuck with land acquisition.
great county india.




Vinayak K
China isn't a democratic country so they can forcefully and quickly aquire the land


The so called LIBERALS AND SO CALLED environmentalists must leave India ,for our India's development.Lpve from Assam to all .


preetham varma
 @Vinayak K  I will tell u one thing dictatorship what u are telling is wrong..
From long back days only all lands are belongs to chinese government..
If u want land means u need to take a lease from government..
There are some rules for residential,industrial etc purposes they will give land for some years there are some rules..
So many people say they grab lands from people and do what ever they want..
But the fact is if the land is under government means it will control the land prices and the productivity of the country will also increase..
But in india land ownership will be there under people so they will give there land to lease for small people they will earn money without doing hardwork..
So for the country there will not be any productivity..land prices will not under control..
So that's why in china there is no delay for any infrastructure project..
In india everything is problem..
So that's why they developed so fast than india..

@Vinayak K 我要告诉你一件事,你说的中国是独*裁国家是错的。。





















 @preetham varma  Okay if that is what you are saying , just think about it. The Chinese economy is 5 times larger than India's economy , their per capita income is 6 times more, their army is almost as powerful as the U.S armed forces . Then the answer is simple , it really does not matter in what way you have developed , what matters the most is that how far your country has developed. today this is the situation---India is lagging in poverty where as Chinese civilians are getting richer and richer day by day. China is simply much more powerful than India. If there is a full fledged war, they would definitely win back in 1962 and even today in 2021 only because we Indians haven't developed. The politicians are literally sleeping with all that black money by their side in India.

@preetham varma 好吧,如果你是这么说的话,那你好好想想,中国经济总量是印度的5倍,人均收入是印度的6倍,他们的军队几乎和美国军队一样强大。那么答案很简单,你以什么方式来发展并不重要,最重要的是你的国家走了多远。今天的情况是这样的——印度在贫困中落后,而中国的平民一天比一天富裕。中国比印度强大得多,如果有一场全面的战争,他们肯定能赢,因为我们印度人还没有发展。在印度,政客们真的和他们身边的黑钱睡在一起了。

 @Anmol Sarkar  Some people are always in a mood to over exaggerate everything. You and I both know that that person was trying to say that those people who bring obstacles(with nefarious intentions) to infrastructure projects should leave India, he wasn't saying that generally for people who oppose something with the right intentions. Every Indian has a duty towards our environment so we should all be environmentalist in that regard, but we should have a pragmatic and consistent perspective on these matters. Give me one good reason why Aarey carshed was opposed in Mumbai while the Costal Road was  not? Also what is the point of stopping the construction when the trees have already been cut and the concrete foundation already laid? There are so called environmentalist, activist, and NGOs who have a job description of opposing infra projects full time. Either you are unaware of these things are commenting without awareness, basically an ignorant, or you are aware of these matters and yet say things like these because you too have some stupid agenda.

@Anmol Sarkar 有些人总有一种过度夸大一切的情绪。你和我都知道,那个人想说的是那些给基础设施项目带来障碍(带有邪恶意图)的人应该离开印度,但他并不是在说那些有正确意图的反对这些事情的人。每个印度人对我们的环境都负有责任,所以我们在这方面都应该是环保主义者,但我们在这些问题上应该有务实和一致的观点。



Northeast of our country was in total negligence for the past many years. But present government is doing so much of work to improve connectivity in that area. But stil we are way behind chaina.


Biswadip jana
Indian������ government has been completely sleeping��� since 1960  and people of Hindustan watching��� china's film " How to damage Hindustan������".

印度的������ 政府一直在沉睡��� 从1960年开始,印度的人们就在观看��� 中国电影《如何破坏印度斯坦》������"。

street cat
We have to be happy because we have a super rich country close to us.


street cat
I checked border towns inside India and inside china.   Towns at the order areas of china are very developed. Towns at our border area are not really nice


Raj Singh
Nobody can match with China's speed


Raj Biswas
It's because china is not a democracy,,,,, they don't have these so called opposition parties who are busy protesting against mega projects,,, and in the process making the country slow


Flak Lognon
so many wrong thing in this article for starters its a 160km/h train the fastest in china is 350km/h. also it's not near india at all if we build a hsr between ottawa and montreal it would be like 4 times closer to the u.s border then this train is close to india.


Live Enjoy
If northeast India have been in China it would have been developed by now and we'll have bullet trains expressway and airports too



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