漫步杭州滨江城市阳台 | 杭州亚运会宣传片《弄潮》| 杭州亚运会开幕式 像科幻电影中的城市,中国的创意从来不会让观众失望

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漫步杭州滨江城市阳台 杭州亚运会宣传片弄潮杭州亚运会开幕式 像科幻电影中的城市,中国的创意从来不会让观众失望


Caramba, cara, como é que pode esse país ser tão fantástico assim?
Curiosamente, na década de 1970, o PIB brasileiro era 2 vezes maior que o PIB chinês. (...).
Meus parabéns pela transformação que esse povo passou. Uma infraestrutura urbana inacreditável.

Beautiful place for 4 years I lived a few meters from the sun and the moon, every evening I went to walk there, I will return soon. thank you for making me relive and remember 4 years of my life spent in Hangzhou. I️HZ !!!

Impressive, more impressive is the inhabitants living there. They cooperate to keep the city clean.

Wow, looks like a sci-fi movie city, it is incredible! Amazing city

China should start few institute of city planning and urbanisation in nearby countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, India and teach them how to make a densely populated city modern and clean.

Yes, India can refer to China's construction experience and then combine it with Indian culture and politics to build its own cities. The real resistance to urban construction comes from within. If internal political differences are resolved, I believe that very beautiful cities will soon be built.

China sdh gk bisa dilawan dgn negara mnapun dri segala hal terutama infratstruktur y desain kota yg sempurna indah rafi hijau bersih tdk ada pedagang liar ini bukti masyarakat china hidup y makmur

Hangzou > Tokyo > Singapore > New York > London > Paris > LA > Moscow > Taipei
It's a fact.
I have actually been to all the cities mentioned above,(except Hangzou) but Hangzou looks far more superior and majestic than Tokyo.
杭州 东京 新加坡 纽约 伦敦 巴黎 洛杉矶 莫斯科 台北

I have never been to those cities, so I dont know how the construction of those cities is, but the construction of Hangzhou is the best I have seen so far, especially the greening, which is integrated with nature.

the USA with its New York and the rest of the cities are 300 behind and in general the USA will not be there soon and that's good

������������������ quan trng là mc sng và thu nhp ca bn


本文译自Youtube,原标题:Hangzhou Asian Games promo video 'Wave Rider' released
Even if only video promo is so fantastic...&  unbeatable ���....
即使只有视频宣传也是如此精彩......无与伦比 [竖大拇指] ....

I just know that these Asian games will be a complete success. Jayou China!

Beautiful clip, hope for a smooth and successful game ... Asian games will be a good example of a pure game of sports without any political interference and pressure cause there is no western country involved ...
片段很美,希望比赛顺利、成功...... 由于没有西方国家的参与,亚运会将是一个没有任何政治干预和压力的纯粹体育比赛的良好范例 ...

I'm quite excited because first time i'll see india playing cricket in these games. Will also cheer for China as its my second fav country.

Hoping such events will happen every single year.. giving young generations the chance to perform and compete, oh yezzzzzz fans, the best joy of life indeed, watching happy kids having fun, enemies for a kids game to play and never for hatred, nobody must get hurt, just feeling fine. The video is a bit confusing, which sports competitions are involved or they move on tour like music stars or both, then we go out for a touristic ride, why not? The food is so tasty...we could compete only on eating contests as well ������������������ ha ha ha, everything is suuuuper gorgeous, yeah, not bad at all guys. When l was a little girl, sports champions were my favorite super stars, but my body was not fit for big performances, doing now the supporter's job makes me feel so alive, yeah, the perfect happiness indeed

If you visit China, you see what is modernization, you see futuristic, you see traditionalism and also naturalism.
Carry on China, Peace upon be all of the world.

god bless china and i wish china good luck in her good contributions to worldwide fast development and i hope one day china could spread peace and well being in the world

Never heard of this beautiful city. Who remembers that meme comparing SanF and a random China city ☺���. Let me go to wiki.

china is lucky enough to host Asian Game. if it's World Game, pretty sure loads of countries will boycott it again.
Developed countries in Asian such as Japan ,Korea , don't think they have guts to boycott.

Imagine if US peomote Aasia sport they will show you their latest jet fighter,latest Bomb,latest gun and bomb.

U forget bout their latest LGBTABC-Z culture.....
你忘了它们最新的 LGBTABC-Z 文化.....


本文译自Youtube,原标题:Asian Games Opening Ceremony to Showcase Ancient, Modern Hangzhou: Producer
I can't wait any longer for the opening ceremony. It looks so incredible.

Every event China holds has no match anywhere all over the world. Its so awesome!

China takes organizing events seriously to the next level

This is what China is all about - full of creativity, originality and going where others have not trodden! Well done China!

Only China is capable of creating such a magnificent opening ceremony.

@AndikaCandrasaputra nahh.. nothing impressive from 2018 Asian Games except those big ass fake mountain with waterfalls.. overall is so 2000's thingy.. projection mapping?? at least used digital LED.. the musical is suck.. use orchestra instead..

Olympic 2008 is damm good, remember it was 2008 but the countdown, music, performance, parade and cauldron lighting were way creative and suprised, the stage set change from one to another, not just 3D or LED, the 2022 was much simpler due to covid but they know hơ to suprise with snowflake ideas, Asiad 2018 and or London 2012 was good but foe me it's clearly Beijing slayed twice.
2008 的奥运会开幕式真他娘的棒。记住,那可 2008 年,但倒计时、音乐、表演、进场和点燃圣火都很有创意和惊喜,舞台布景也从一个变到另一个(不仅仅有 3D 或 LED)。2022 年的奥运会开幕式因为有了疫情而简单得多,但他们知道用雪花创意带来惊喜。虽然2018 的亚运会开幕式 2012 的伦敦奥运会开幕式也不错,但对我来说,显然北京一个打俩。

I sure it will be a great opening. China never disappoints the audience with their creativity.

This will be another splendid opening ceremony of China. I can't wait to see them.

Each time China doing big or small events. China always well prepared.

china will amaze the world again. Nomatter whole western and india are against but they keep on growing.

No fireworks? I hope there will have some drones show! I was sad to note seeing some at Chengdu Universiade

If you expecting "digital fireworks", they would be like how Disneyland Paris doing now. Digital fireworks will be sort like drone show.
如果你期待的是 "数字烟花",那就像巴黎迪士尼乐园现在所做的那样。数字烟花和无人机表演有些类似。



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