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本文译自Youtube,原标题:China Just Built Something That Will Change the World!


America can also do all these amazing things may be even better if their trillion of dollars was not spent on military in the past years. Instead the American government spent all those people tax dollars on things that didn't improved the life of the citizens nor improved the infrastructure of the society.


China's development towards renewable and clean energy is absolutely phenomenal. This is one thing other countries can surely learn, even more important now as the world is combating global climate changes. In addition, being energy independent allows China to lessen the geopolitical risks associated with energy import from other countries.


Inexpensive electricity can lead to other significant advancements. Desalination becomes economically feasible, addressing water scarcity. Plastics production could become more affordable as nations seek alternative uses for crude oil. The possibilities are endless. This isn't about China dominating other countries; it's about progressing humanity for a better planet that we all share.


Really urging for a breakthrough in battery technology. Unfortunately with the solar panel, they can't generate any power at night and minimum power when it's cloudy, with that much power generated at day time, most of it will just go wasted, not to mention the long distance transport of electricity. If there could be efficient battery storing those electricity, then it's going to be huge for the entire humankind.


In addition, under these solar panels are large farm land to turn desert into green land. such brilliant idea, that more and more desert are turned into livable areas, new cities are being built. Extreme climate like sandstorms are better contained, combined with wind turbine. It's really a new future model leading the world.


@devinfraserashpole4753  not really.  The operation and sunk  costs are similar to other energy producing operations. The clear difference is the input costs, which are free! One day China wont need to import energy. The excess energy will be stored in batteries for use when the sun is down. They happen to be world leaders in battery technology

@devinfraserashpole4753 并非如此。太阳能发电站的运营和沉没成本与其他能源的生产运营类似。明显不同的是投入成本,太阳能是免费的!终有一天,中国将不再需要进口能源。多余的能源将储存在电池中以供太阳下山时使用。他们在电池技术方面恰好处于世界领先地位。

Nice. Also mirrors are way less polluting than photovoltaic panels. There's another way of doing thermosolar, which is a park of parabolic mirrors, heating a duct of working fluid that goes through the focus of the parabola. Anyway thermal plants are very efficient. Only the source of heat changes, conventional fuel and nuclear being non-renewable while geothermal, solar being renewable.


Its of course wonderful but hopefully they also shut down coal and gas plants along the line. Here in Europe when we build solar and wind we also remove fossils from the grid, not add them.


@PherPhur  Excess electricity generated in one region can also be channeled to other regions of China through high voltage electricity transmission cables. These cables transmit electricity over long distances to consumers far away with minimal transmission loss.


best part about solar is not its ability to be rapidly deployed. its the fact that solar doesnt have a bunch of moving mechanical parts that need constant maintenance.  it just kinda sits there, and the panels need very little maintenance, and even after 20 to 30 years, they still operate around 80 to 90% of the original efficiency.


"The number one most aspired to career in China, among young teenagers that were surveyed is an 'Astronaut'. The number one most aspired to a career in the U.S. is a 'Social Media Influencer', that is all you need to know to understand the collapse of the West." ~Tristan Harris

“在中国,受访青少年最向往的职业是“宇航员”。而在美国,受访青少年最向往的职业第一位是“网红”,这就是你需要了解的西方崩溃的全部原因。” ~Tristan Harris

Thank you Cyrus. Too many poorly informed and anti-China critics who refuse to see the reality of this mix of renewable projects. Based on science and economics my home and two vehicles are solar powered , all of it Chinese manufactured by Huawei and BYD no electricity or filling station charges.
Living in a sunny location, it works for me. China similarly is providing it's people with cheap reliable power not fighting wars.



It is amazing how much China have done without anyone knowing them. And how much the western media worked so hard not to cover them except the train station in the middle of nowhere.   It is just a lot easier to see them nowadays than in the past relying on MSM.


China a country by nature with a moral oriented practice focusing on ever improving and caring for the well being of its own people, an approach so much different from that of the US is the main reason why China has been able to achieve such unprecedented developments in such a short time in human history.


It means energy will always be affordable in china and businesses around the world will move their shop and setup in china, also china has all the supply chains and everything sorted, china just needs a bigger army to protect china from US and its allies from destroying the infrastructures.


Solar is good, best in the desert since the sun shines more. It creates an energy availability curve that is steep and peak at the time of day when the sun is at its peak. Power generation is not the best during twilight. This site partially addresses that by using mirrors to heat up molten salts on the central tower which can generate power at night. Clever. I dont know how economical this is and I suspect there is still peaks and troughs throughout the day where gas and coal power pick up the slack. Still it is curious.


I smell BS. The US tried a similar system, the panels need endless cleaning or their output drops significantly. The photo cells degrade over time too. It's likely got less than 25 years left in it. All that construction was done by fossil powered machinery meaning the carbon payback will likely never be offset by the usable energy produced.
Having the largest wind generation is also meaningless if the failure rate of the turbines and Co2 cost of construction are not considered too. Wind and solar are an endless death dive into nowhere unless the Co2 content in their production is cut by 60% and their lifespan is improved by 50%. So it really does not matter who is doing it bigger or better.
They would have got better mileage from nuclear power.






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